It’s been a while!

I haven’t forgotten to post. There have been some things going on, that have made it difficult….
For instance, one of our computers has a virus! Chris is working on it as much as he can, but he is also very busy with work and getting quality time in with Buster and me. Too make things worse, our laptop’s wireless card broke on Monday! (: We think the dog must have knocked the laptop off the arm rest of the couch (yes, not the best place to put it!), and the end of the card broke off. We just bought a new card last night.

So, basically, we were sort of computer-less….except for when Chris would bring his work laptop home.

However, it was kinda nice not having any functioning computers!

Well….just a little bit of updating to do. For about 2 weeks I was dealing with the most intense backpain! It kept switching from my right to left side, and it was constant. Strangely, it hurt the worst when I was sitting, so work wasn’t too bad because I pretty much walk all day at work. It was annoying, and I was too the point where I just wanted to cry about it!!
I am not normally so sensitive to pain, and Chris definitely knows that, so we were both pretty concerned and irritated by it. However, Tuesday of this week…the pain disappeared!
I don’t know why, but I am not complaining about it!

BUT…………………then on Wednesday, at work, I could feel myself starting to get sick! And I am STILL sick! Sick to the point where I am not going to work. I am not too happy about that, because its not like I have a huge amount of vacation time or sick time….but thats how bad I feel.
I am contributing my sickness to someone at work who coughed and sneezed without covering their mouth or washing their hands after!!! Thats a topic which infuriates me, so I’m not going to say much more, except that it sux being sick and pregnant.

So…. I am 15 weeks and 1 day today! Chris and I can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby! It seems like the weeks are going so slow! I am happy to say that I think once I get better from this flu, that I think I will have more energy!
Here is a list of whats new with this pregnancy! Yay…fun stuff!
1. I am scared to see just how big my breasts are going to be…not just during pregnancy, but after the baby is born. I have gone up one full cup size, and I’m scared…I’m only 15 weeks ….! I am just praying I can stay in a D cup. God help me!
2. I really didn’t think I could pee even more than I was, but I am. Now I totally plan my outings on the availability of restrooms!
3. My belly is definitely round, and any indication of stomach muscle is completely gone! I am actually excited for it to get a little bigger because now, I just like I look like I ate too much beans and rice. (:
4. I have been having major foot swelling and foot pain problems…ugh! It is normal I know, but I don’t think it helps that I walk for 8 hours a day at work. I am on the lookout for some professional looking, comfortable, supportive shoes, and cost doesn’t matter!
5. I am still constantly craving veggies and baked potatoes/mashed potatoes..f..I also discovered that I am having a hard time eating meat. I am thankful that I only need 2-3 servings a day, though….but it is so weird for me to not want to eat meat.
6. I am still not able to fit into maternity jeans….I put them on and a couple of minutes later they are falling down past my butt! However, my hips have definitely gotten wider, and my old jeans are so uncomfortable! Thats another reason I can’t wait for my belly to get bigger!

And, thats about it…..This is really long…phew! I will make sure to put up some more belly pictures by the end today……or tomorrow.

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1st ultrasound! Click on picture to make bigger!

oK…..So, we are definitely not having twins! I will admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that….but we are definitely having one beautiful little baby! I am a little farther along then what the midwife predicted the first time…..just by about a week. SO, I am exactly where I predicted I was before my first appointment, at 13 weeks and 4 days!!!
Enjoy our 1st baby picture! I am telling you, I ran to a computer all day at work and stared at this picture all day. I could not stop thinking about the squirmy, tiny, little baby who did not want to stay still for the ultrasound! We are just so in love already and really feeling how REAL all of this is!

12 weeks today?

Or am I??

Today we got to hear our little one’s heartbeat! It was so amazing!!! We videotaped it, so I will post that later…but….

the midwife said, that she thinks I am further along than expected, (16 weeks!)….or that there might be more than one baby in there!! AHHH!!

Anyhow, we don’t know for sure yet, and we might be able to find out next week, but at the latest 10 Nov. In any case, we are so excited, and thankful for this miracle of life!!!

I need to practice guitar more! Lately, because of my fatigue, my life consists mostly of sleep!
But…its getting better…and look at all of our laundry behind us! We are having fun washing the huge backload of laundry we had due to our broken dryer!

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Saturday Ramblings

We finally caved in to our innermost desires and bought a new washer and dryer. Haha! Of course, that’s not really what is was. Our dryer really was on it’s last leg, and we decided, that with a baby on the way, it would be the smart thing to do. Yes! No more drying clothes for 2 or 3 cycles before they are dry!

Its been so long since we’ve shopped for washers/dryers, and I can’t believe how expensive they can get! So …while we were shopping, we decided we might as well throw in a new oven range as well! I can’t believe what a difference this range has made in our lives so far! The oven we had, was the same oven that the previous owner of our house had for the past 10 years! The temperature was so off inside the oven, we had to purchase a thermometer to put inside of it. It didn’t bake evenly at all (so annoying!), nor did the burners cook evenly. Soooo, it just feels nice be able to cook without worrying about how everything will turn out.

Oh yeah….I guess are ages our really apparent when we are this excited about our new appliances (: But you know what, I don’t care! Chris and I both still feel so young, and we hope to hang on to our young spirits!

Chris and I really have been missing our families lately! We are so used to living far away, we have been in the military, both of us, since 1998. But something about having a baby on the way really makes you want to be around your family! I think Texas was great for us, because both of our parents were at least 7-9 hours away….close enough for weekend trips. We also had family in San Antonio, and we just really miss being able to hang out with my sister, Uncle Mike and Aunt Penny and the cousins on holidays, weekends, whatever! Its so nice to be able to celebrate and enjoy your family without having to worry about driving for 14 hours and all the logistics that come with that, plus having to take time off of work, and not to mention…gas prices!

For me, I am really wishing I could hang out with my sisters, mom and grandma Angie. Being pregnant, I am really craving the female companionship and friendship that they give to me, I think, and I am also really enjoying this new type of bond being pregnant is creating with me and mom! Its fun comparing what we both went through during the 1st trimester and thinking about what a great Nana or Baba (Czech for grandma), my mom is gonna be!

Our little girl ( or as Chris says, our baby boy) is going to be lucky to have so many wonderful and loving (and FUN) grandparents, aunts and uncles! Words really can’t explain how excited we are for our lives to change…..

well, on Monday I will be 11 weeks! And one week away from hearing our baby’s heartbeat, yay!!! We are going to try and video tape that for everyone! Also, I was going to wait til 12 weeks to post another picture, but my tummy seems to have gotten significantly bigger, starting yesterday. So be on the lookout today or tomorrow for another belly picture!

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Food Aversions and Cravings

Soooo, food cravings! I haven’t had too many of these. The first 9 weeks, it was mostly food aversions. There were very few things I could eat, and they usually weren’t the healthiest foods! Seriously, I tried so hard to keep eating healthy….I have been eating so extremely healthy for well over a year, and I didn’t realize how hard it would be.

For instance, just looking at vegetables made my stomach turn. Fruit made me gag…seriously. The only foods that sounded good for a long time were chicken, mashed potatoes, cereal, milk, waffles (the mini frozen ones), and popsicles! I am being totally serious when I say that is all I could manage to eat! About every other day, I would force broccoli and any fruit high in fiber down my throat, and I promise you guys….I felt like I was eating dog poo! Thats how disgusting it was, and usually I would dry heave or vomit after these force feeding episodes!

I guess I just felt so guilty for not eating enough vegetables or eating as healthy as I should, but I realized force feeding myself healthy foods was not going to be effective if they just kept coming back up. Oh!!! And going to the supermarket!!! All the smells and sights would have me gagging and feeling like I could throw up any second! I would still go to the supermarket, and I would come back with the weirdest most random things! I definitely say, it is not a great idea for a pregnant woman to go grocery shopping alone!

hahah…So, I definitely wouldn’t say that I had morning sickness. As long as I stayed away from the supermarket and force feeding, I felt fine. The only other times I felt queasy would be if someone mentioned food. This was so weird for me! I am totally a nonpicker eater!

This week, the 10th week, has been great, because a lot of my food aversions are leaving me! I went to the supermarket yesterday, walked past the salad bar, and felt totally fine! I even bought some broccoli without throwing it back on the shelf in total disgust! And, this morning I craved peaches, and I was so thankful we actually had some! So, I am hoping it keeps getting better and better. I have such a desire to eat as healthy as I can, but my body has been fighting this desire!

So NOW, weird food cravings! This week, I have had two really strange food cravings. Chris and I were in the mall, walked past Chick-Fillet, and I got this super strong urge to buy some chicken strips, dip them into ice cream, and eat it. Thank God I didn’t do that one! Last night, I was eating a lemonade flavored popsicle and I saw a root beer can on the counter. All of a sudden, I decided I HAD to melt my popsicle into the root beer and drink it, which I did. It was delicious!

Yeah, so I know both of those sound pretty disgusting. What can I say? I wonder what other weird cravings are in store for me!

8 weeks!

Sept 16
I’m 8 weeks folks! And…I have a tiny bulge… jeans are starting to get really uncomfortable and tight… fact, way too tight around my tummy.
Enjoy…and you can click on them to make them bigger…..Oh! And, I promise to get more artistic as my belly gets bigger!