1st ultrasound! Click on picture to make bigger!

oK…..So, we are definitely not having twins! I will admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that….but we are definitely having one beautiful little baby! I am a little farther along then what the midwife predicted the first time…..just by about a week. SO, I am exactly where I predicted IContinue reading “1st ultrasound! Click on picture to make bigger!”

I need to practice guitar more! Lately, because of my fatigue, my life consists mostly of sleep!But…its getting better…and look at all of our laundry behind us! We are having fun washing the huge backload of laundry we had due to our broken dryer!

8 weeks!

Sept 16I’m 8 weeks folks! And…I have a tiny bulge…..my jeans are starting to get really uncomfortable and tight…..in fact, way too tight around my tummy.Enjoy…and you can click on them to make them bigger…..Oh! And, I promise to get more artistic as my belly gets bigger!