These aren’t really new….lets see, they were taken mid October, when Stacy came to visit us, brought her camera to church, and took some pictures of LifePointe church worship team. I am so thankful I can be a part of the worship team, and so humbled at how much I have learned about how toContinue reading “yo”


Yes! Its the weekend! And next week is Thanksgiving, which brings us closer to Christmas!!! Yay! Well…I am 18 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! 2 more weeks and we are halfway there!! I almost can’t believe it! Sooooo…..if anyone wants to, please pray that I can get some rest. I started having trouble sleeping thisContinue reading “TGIF”


I’m gonna be short about this…but I just wanted to write something small about something that has made me very sad in the past few weeks… Prop 8. yep. The “yes” vote made me so sad….that I think about it at least once a day. …. I’m not going to get deep into this…..I’m notContinue reading “phew.”