21 weeks!

Every day, I feel our little girl move more and more…..Its still not consistent yet, but it is so amazing to feel her move around. So far, I have noticed a small pattern though….

When Buster barks she moves…and very quickly. He is probably waking her from a nap!

In the evening, when Chris and I are watching a show, Chris rubs my tummy….I’ve noticed if he laughs and rubs at the same time, she flutters around a little!

Dance music….I think its either loud and annoying to her, or she’s having dance sessions in my belly!

So…every morning, I have Little Tiny and me time. Usually, this coincides with guitar practice time, while I practice guitar chords and make up silly and very stupid little lullabies. I am loving singing to her , and I sing to her all of the time! I am pretty sure she loves it…even if no one else does! And, someone else in this house loves it….Buster. I was singing to Little Tiny and petting Buster, and when I was done, I looked at Buster and noticed that I had sung him to sleep…hahaha.

Well…I will be taking some pictures soon. Oh, this coming week is also my last day at work. I am so excited to be able to focus fully on school….and so lucky that I get to relax during my last trimester! And, I am about to go home to visit my dad, sisters, auntie, and grandma! My sister is also throwing me a much anticipated baby shower! I am so excited…I have only seen them once this past year….so I am just incredibly excited to go and celebrate Jesus’s birthday with them.

And…a much needed vacation with Chris…..with lots of quiet time (Homer doesn’t offer much else), rest and relaxation.


20 week ultrasound pictures!

It was great seeing little tiny on Monday. She was moving and bouncing, and twirling all over the place! Even the ultrasound technician said that she is already super photogenic! Hahaha, takes after mommy for sure! Anyhow, I wish you guys could have seen her lips! They zoomed in on the face, and all of a sudden she pushed her lips up towards us…and they are huge!! Hahaha! Little tiny definitely has mommy and daddy’s full lips….(:

She was enjoying relaxing upside down with her legs crossed, and was waving her arms around everywhere! She even gave us the number 1 sign…you can see that on the ultrasound pics (:

Click the link below to view the pics!!

20 week ultrasound!

wait……we’re not having a boy???

hmmmm….you know how theres that lower than 1 percent chance that an ultrasound sex determination could be wrong?
Well, guess what? They were wrong the 1st time! Chris and I both knew that there was that chance…especially since the ultrasound was so early in the pregnancy (16th week).
Even still, we were very shocked to find out we are having a little girl now!

Hahah, I was already having visions of a cute little boy sporting a mohawk and wearing rock and roll t-shirts…hahah! But either way, Chris and I are very happy, and even more happy to say that little tiny looks completely healthy on the ultrasound! I will scan and post the ultrasound pictures later!

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Fa la la la la la la la!!

Christmas season is in full effect!! Our tree is decorated!

Snow is falling!

And Buster is cuter than ever!

Dad and Evie even decorated early this year!! (Dad is infamous for his last minute Christmas trees!)

And, of course, Aurelia and Lyle’s tree is beautiful!!

You can see their pics on their website.


AND……I am 20 weeks pregnant today!! Hooray!!! Monday we have our 20 week ultrasound, and we are super excited to see Little Tiny again! Nope….no names yet…sorry folks!

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