No clothes, no clothes, no more clothes!

haha. Chris and I are gettting a lot of emails from friends and family asking us what we need. Well, we really DON’T KNOW! haha. So, I will tell you what we DO have and what we think we need. First, of all, we don’t need any clothes.

My super, awesome, fabulous, magnificent, beautiful, and AMAZING bestfriend, Tiffany sent us about 60 lbs of girls clothing! 99 percent of the clothes were brand new. She has a beautiful daughter, named Ava Grace, who didn’t get to wear most of the clothes, and now she’s too big for them. So, Tiffany sent Chris and I two huge boxes of the cutest little girl clothes.

We are so very thankful for all Tiffany has given to us. I know it was hard to let go of some of the things she sent us….so many memories she must have had with some of those little outfits. Anyhow, THANK YOU Tiffany! I am looking forward to feeling better, so I can post some pictures of everything. Also, everyone, please say a prayer of thanks for Tiffany and pray for blessings for her, her husband and her family, because she is pregnant again with a little boy!

Before Tiffany sent us the clothing items, we also had some clothing from my baby shower and from a generous lady I worked with. So, we really do not need any clothing items for Isabela….but of course if you see something you really want her to have, go ahead (:

Aside from clothing, we have a crib, changing table, several baby blankets, baby bathtub, a lot of the baby medical necessities, some diapers, 2 carseats, 2 strollers just the basic stuff.

I will tell you what we don’t have that we will need – Bottles! Hahah, we haven’t bought any yet. We also need some crib sheets. These are probably the only two things we absolutely need…I think. Besides diapers and baby wipes, obviously.

We are pretty overwhelmed, and unfortunately, Chris and I really don’t know what we need! Here are some things we don’t have, but do not necessarily need: Swing, bouncer, bassinet, baby bath supplies (shampoo, lotion, etc), baby monitor, baby bjorn, burp clothes pack and play crib…and if you really want to be generous, feel free to buy a breast pump (: hah, I can’t believe how expensive those are!

We are so thankful that people want to buy us stuff! We have about 8 weeks to go til baby Isabela gets here! So exciting! We want to make sure Isabela has everything she needs, without going overboard. Its kind hard because this is our first child, so we really don’t know what we should need and want. Any suggestions anyone has, please feel free to send them our way!

we love you all, and we are so thankful for EVERYTHING that everyone has sent us! Also, we are so thankful for Aurelia, for throwing a most amazing baby shower! We got a lot of great stuff and were amazed at our loved one’s generosity.

I think thats it.

After Chris reads this though, he might want me to add or take away somethings.

oh…and today I am 32 weeks pregnant. Yay!

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Lately, I have been dreaming of beautiful beaches, hot sandy shores, and the roar of the ocean.

I found this picture today, while looking through old pictures, and it made me smile!

I think Chris and I are seriously considering Florida as our next possible residence.

Here is my superFUN and cool mother in law, who always knows how to take a great picture. (:

I am sure I will come across more oldies later.

31 weeks!

Yay! 9 more weeks to go. I did post some pictures on the baby belly link. I know I said I would get some with Chris, but he had to go out of town for a couple of days, so no Chris ):

I cannot believe that Chris turns 30 next Sunday!! Wow! So, I don’t have much to say. This week is my last week of school, so I have been really stressed studying, writing papers, and getting ready for final exams. I will leave you a picture of me as a little tiny!

During the 3d ultrasound, we saw a picture of a baby with tons of hair. I told Chris, just like that little baby, I was also born in need of a haircut (: He didn’t believe me, so I had to pull out this picture…haha.

Now we just need a picture of Chris as a little tiny! Nancy, maybe you could scan and send us one?

Love you guys!

I’m late

updating this page.
Here are some pictures when I was 28 weeks 5 days pregnant. This Thursday, I will be 31 weeks pregnant! I will make sure to take some pictures. I am just tired of these kind of corny pictures, so I am going to take some with Chris in them.

3d/4d ultrasound video and pictures!!

soooo, it was amazing to see our little tiny! She was so cramped and squished up in there…she had NOOO room left, it seemed. She was all twisted up. Hahah, her legs were by her head and so were her hands at one point! Then she moved back to the fetal position, and her arms and legs were a tangled mess. She was moving around quite a bit, which made it hard to catch pictures. She was probably angry that we woke her up from her nap!

So, unfortunately, her head was so far down, that she had her face buried in the placenta! So, the facial pictures are really cloudy and hard to make out. If she would have just turned around, we could have gotten some great pictures!! Hahah, but I think where she is at right now, which is head down and far down on the right side of my pelvis, is her favorite spot to lay her head. Its been there for a while, and I can feel the pressure of her head sometimes!

Anyhow, what we could see was some really chubby cheeks, big lips, and several yawns! It was awesome to see her moving around, yawning, sticking her tongue out, and moving her hands around her face!! So totally worth the money….even if the pictures of her face were covered with placenta…haha!

We love her SO much! I can’t wait to finally hold her in my arms!

SOOOO….here is the video. Above the video is a link to the 3d pictures. They are easy to see as pics rather than videos, because when I uploaded the video on the internet, it ruined some of the quality! I actually suggest looking at the pictures first, then watching the video.

Click this to see the pictures

3d/4d ultrasound pics



Today I sang the offering song at church. I was pretty nervous, since I mainly sing back up vocals…I think I did alright, considering its harder to sing when pregnant, because my diaphragm is in a different spot then it normally is! Makes it harder to breath and support…anyhow,
none of that really matters.
I really like the song I sang…. It really reminds me of the sacrifice HE made for me, and how much HE really loves all of us. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for HIS grace, or we don’t really know how to fully trust HIM. This song just reminds me that I am deemed worthy of HIS grace, because of HIS sacrifice, and that I love HIM because HE loved me first….
Anyhow….here I am with Dave playing acoustic. (Chris, unfortunately, failed to record the whole song)

OH, and the song I am singing is called, “You Gave Your Life Away,” by Kathryn Scott

29 week appointment!

Today I went in to take a glucose tolerance test and to see my midwife for my monthly appointment. Starting now, I must be seen every 2 weeks….wow! Time is going by so fast!

So, everything looks great! I am measuring exactly 29 cm, which is ideal. Typically, when they measure your tummy, they want the measurement to equal how far along you are in weeks.

Also, Paula (midwife) felt around to see where the babies head is, and it looks like Isabela is already being a good little girl because she is down in the head down position – exactly where they want her to be at this point! This doesn’t mean that she won’t move back to a breech position, because she is still small enough to flip around. However, the chances of her being breech are less now, so lets just pray she stays this way! Also, I will be doing my part to keep her heading downwards by continuing to exercise and be active. (though its hard, because now I just wanna sleep all the time..hahah)

Isabela’s heartrate is at 147…which is great! I am so thankful that so far, I have had a textbook pregnancy, free of complications! I am definitely praying that my glucose test goes well and that I won’t have to take another to test for gestational diabetes.

Well….I actually have a busy day today – and I’m already exhausted!

Love you all!

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Heat wave!

This Friday and Saturday it is supposed to be in the low 40’s!!! Yay!!! I don’t know how cold it will be with the wind chill, but anything is better than -20 degrees and -40 degree wind chills!

I really really hope that spring comes early this year! I am ready for all the ice to melt so I can go walking outside without worrying about slipping and falling.

I don’t have a lot to talk about. Chris and I have been slowly working on the nursery! Once school is over, I am going to paint a few pictures to hang up in there, and possible make some crafty type things to display.

We have been quite lazy lately. We just watch movies, cuddle, and try to stay warm. Chris has been able to feel Isabela kick for a while, and she has been responding to his touch – which is really exciting! In the past couple of days, we’ve been able to see my tummy jump when she kicks really hard!

I must say, this is the best part of being pregnant….just being able to feel our little one kicking and squirming!