The Zantac seems to be working well on the acid reflux (: Though we can still hear the reflux, it definitely seems to be lessening the burning of her esophagus (sp?).
Yesterday, she slept for more than an hour at a time at all her naps, and at first we were really worried! Then we realized that most newborns usually do sleep for more than an hour at a time!

So, I am just really thankful that the Zantac can take some of her pain away. AND, the best part is that nursing is going soooo much better now. I didn’t post this before, but nursing was starting to get really really horrible! She would just cry and scream during the whole feeding and it would take more than an hour to feed her. She kept wanting to eat because the milk soothed her tummy, but at the same time, she was hurting so bad from the relux all the time. She would projectile vomit at least once a day. To make matters worse, we were both so frustrated during nursing and I was having a lot of trouble maintaining confidence in myself.

I am happy that I stuck with breastfeeding…because now the feedings seem to be improving. I told myself that as long as nursing can get better, I could definitely deal with the colicky – ness.

So, thats an update for now. Pray that the zantac continues to ease the pain of her acid reflux. Poor baby!!!

And pray that mommy and daddy can continue to be patient as we wait for Isa to outgrow the colic.

My favorite video so far

I have SOOOO much updating to do. Chris and I have been really busy with our little
tiny sweet!
Unfortunately, she has been experiencing some severe acid reflux, and that has kept us up hours at night…not too mention – she is very uncomfortable and in pain from it, so when she is awake and not eating she is crying ):

Please pray that our doctors appt goes well Tuesday – we will meet with her doctor to discuss treatment remedies. Also, please pray for God’s healing touch!

It’s definitely been a rough couple of weeks, but what really hurts is knowing my child is in pain, and being helpless to stop it ): I know things will get better, but I just want to have a happy baby, and the sooner the better!

Here is a video of our little one:

2 weeks and 1 day old today!

These past 2 weeks have all seemed like one long day! Being a mommy is definitely hard work, but it’s totally worth it – the love I have for Isabela is truly indescribable. Everything corny that everyone says about having a baby is true. I didn’t even get to see her immediately after the c-section because she was having some respiratory difficulties, but I heard her cry and when I did, I felt my heart jumping out of my chest. Her cry made me cry and I felt so desperately in love with her and so desperate to see her as well! More to come on that later. I am slowly feeling like I am emotionally ready to write out the birth story, so be on the look out for that in the days to come.


I wish I had more time or more of an inclination to give better updates, but the truth is that I am exhausted all the time! Especially with Chris being back to work this week and working his butt off so he doesn’t have to work that much while his mom and William come to visit at the end of this week.

We are excited to see Nancy and William, and to take lots and lots of pictures! I can’t believe they will be here tomorrow! yay!

Soooo, Isabela is really starting to gain weight due to all the breastfeeding we are doing. We can already see little fat rolls start to grow on her arms and thighs! Its soooo cute! She is pretty demanding, as well. When she is hungry, I know that I need to HURRY up and feed her, or she gets so angry that she starts punching me! Also, she lets us know right away if she hates something – like if she is being held uncomfortably, or if she has gas. By letting us know, I mean she screams like a baby dinosaur!! I don’t mean she screams in a crying way either…I mean she will just let out one big yell. Actually, lets go ahead and call it a roar! haha.
Its kind of cute.

Isabela is also a little cuddle bunny. She loves to cuddle and be held and mommy and daddy love to hold and cuddle with her! She has the biggest brown eyes, and gives us the cutest little smiles. Unfortunately, the smile is only a reflex at this age, so we can’t wait til she gives us real smiles!

Yeah, so for now, Isabela is still a tiny newborn, who mainly sleeps, eats, poops, and cries. We can’t wait to see part of her personality emerge, but for now, mommy and daddy are content to just hold her and stare at her. We can’t believe that she came from us and that we could make such a beautiful baby girl.

We love her so much! And so does Buster, too! Here are some pictures!
sleeping during bathtime!

my beautiful dream baby!


Ok, so I have consolidated the pictures we have on one website. I will keep adding to the site, so bookmark the link if you like. You should be able to order pictures off of the website as well.


We are all doing well. We are so much in LOVE, and of course, exhausted! Once we get into more of a schedule, I promise to update more. As for now, I will keep trying to post pictures when I have the time and energy.

Love you all!