Love her.

Well…she did it! My little tiny rolled over yesterday! _uacct=”UA-18003-7″; _uanchor=1; _ufsc=false; _usample = 10; urchinTracker(); _uff=0; if (document.body && typeof(document.body.unselectable) != ‘undefined’) { document.body.unselectable = true; } window.attachCsiOnload(“” + “posteditor”She rolled from her tummy to her back, and she did it like it was the easiest thing ever! She has also been rolling overContinue reading “Love her.”

8 lbs

Its been 16 weeks since Isa has been born. Life has definitely changed! And, 16 weeks later, I have lost all the baby weight except for 8 very stubborn pounds!! It’s driving me crazy…My doctor said around 6 months postpartum, my body should let go of those additional lbs. It is kind of driving meContinue reading “8 lbs”