She’ll be walking soon.

Isabela took her first steps yesterday.  It was so cute, and I wish I had a video of it. Every time we get the camera out, she drops to her knees to crawl. Of course, she doesn’t want any videos taken til she has the walking thing down perfectly!

I don’t have much to say. It’s winter, cold, and I’m desperately craving some warm sunlight, a run that’s NOT on a treadmill, fresh farmer’s market veggies on the grill, margaritas ( Chris has the BEST recipe), hot, sticky humid weather,  and playtime in the park with Isabela. ( I absolutely cannot wait to do that!)

Other than that, I have been making an attempt to be more disciplined  and more intentional in being kind, gentle and patient to the people around  me.  Also, I have been nurturing my creative side more…sketching, painting and doing some crafty things.  I think I would be so miserable if I wasn’t able to get some of the creative stuff in my head out – I would go crazy!!!

Chris, of course, is a working machine!  We have about a year and 3 months here, and we are definitely ready for some change and a new journey.  Though we have been blessed while here in Iowa and though we know that God wanted us to be here, it has never been more evident to us that it’s time to move on.  We have learned so much about ourselves and become very strong together in alot of ways.  You see, this move was very hard on us. We left a place we absolutely loved and moved to a place that we just didn’t love at all.  oh, we’ve met some wonderful people and love our church here, but …. we just aren’t meant to stay here.  It’s been rough…Chris has a tremendous and stressful job, the most stressful job in the Air Force actually…and one that comes with a 76 percent divorce rate. Scary!

And while God has shown us the why’s of why he sent us here, and while we have been thankful for his direction, we are so happy to move on, again.  Go to another new place. Explore more new things together.  Have more children in the next few years (yay!).  Live closer to family (GOD willing).  walk hand in hand in our journey with Christ….and so many other things.

now, we just wait. A list will come out anytime within the next 6-8 months and we will get to choose off the list.  And then, we will put the house up for sale and start researching our new area.  My 8th move in 12 years.


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Snow is overrated

wow, I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’m sorry!

what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve been doing laundry, reorganizing, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, playing with Isabela, reading baby books, singing annoying songs from annoying toys and having them stuck in my head all day, folding lots of teeny baby clothes, trying to plan Isabela’s first birthday, cooking, Bible time, church stuff, slowly getting the house ready to sell next year, dusting….changing lots of diapers, cuddling with my dream  baby…attempting to be creative…

did I leave anything out?  I’m sure I did. Basically, I have been being the bomb-diggety stay at home mommy and house wife.  So, yes. I’ve been busy and for a couple of weeks, I had to choose between spending my time of facebook or blogging, and I chose facebook, lol.

So, it seems like it took me about 9 months to get into some kind of productive schedule that actually works.  It’s hard, when you have a hubby that works over 60 hours a week, is in college, and has a work cell phone that rings constantly.  (and he HAS to answer it).  BUT…it’s even harder for those single mommies out there, and they are my new heroes, seriously!!!

Anyhow, all is well here in Iowa, except for its still cold, still snowing, still windy, and that makes me depressed – especially when I go into Target and see all the spring lines and bathing suits out.  Just knowing that in other parts of the country, its warm, sunny, and swimming weather makes me jealous and all the more anxious for summer.

So….can you believe that Isabela will be ONE in 2 months and 12 days???  I really can’t!

what a wonderful year it has been!