early mornings

Its been so long , I’m not even sure where to start.

I’m not sure why I haven’t felt like blogging lately. We are still settling in, unpacking, doing projects, and having lots of fun in our new town. I can’t believe we are still unpacking at times….MY oh my how different it is to move with a child!

As I sit here, there is a family room with toys all over it, a kitchen that needs to be cleaned, a bathroom that needs to be cleaned and a yard/garden that desperately needs water. But besides watering the yard/garden, I don’t do a whole lot of cleaning on the weekends. Weekends are meant for FUN, and cleaning is NOT fun! Plus, I think I deserve a break, too. I clean ALL week , ALL day long. (: I totally don’t have qualms about having a messier than normal home on the weekend (: within reason, or course!

So, my tiny is asleep in my bed, which lately, she has started to come to at around 0630 in the morning, and Chris is still sleeping, too. I SO love early mornings alone. The peace and quiet. The by myself time. The coffee (:

Typically, I get up early, like 0530, get Chris’s lunch together, do a quick clean up of things I might have missed the night before ( or if I went to bed early, a full cleanup of Isabela’s mess), get Isabela’s breakfast ready and prep her snacks for the day, coffee, quiet time with God, and attempt to exercise if I have time. I WISH I could get that exercise thrown in, but I’m not really a great morning exerciser. I actually enjoy it more in the evening, after a whole day with a toddler, the exercise is a great way to “get away.”

SO, my mornings are quite busy, and I really relish that quiet time. Where I don’t feel rushed or pressured, and I can just focus and energize myself for the coming day.

Isabela’s day is filled with parks (early morning to escape the brutal heat), playgrounds, libraries, reading, dolls, princess dress up, cartoons ( OH, how I love/hate Barney!), and random silly, made-up games. We also are starting to learn the ABC’s. Isabela knows all her colors, and can sort of count to three (:

One thing at a time….Learning MUST be fun, at her age!

My sisters and I all learned to read at a very young age. Angie and I were in 4th year, and I believe Aurelia was three.

SO, I’m excited to provide Isabela with a fun, learning environment, as she grows.

We are trying to create a schedule that works for us, especially since my hubs will soon be deploying. I won’t say when, or where, but we are obviously not thrilled about it.

My heart is sad, because I will miss him intensely. I’m so blessed to have a husband who is such an amazing father. My heart is also sad, because Isabela, though still very attached to me, is starting to really attach to daddy.

Now, thats not to say she wasn’t attached before! Its just that as she’s getting older, her and her daddy are really starting to create this fun, loving relationship, that is all their own.

Although I am from this area ( hometown is an hour away), I don’t have any close friends actually in this area. We have only been living in Shreveport for a two months….Thank GOd, for my dad and Even, who live an hour away!

SO, I am praying, and maybe you can pray with me, that I will meet a great group of women before Chris leaves.

So, I suppose thats it (: We are planning a fun weekend, enjoying our togetherness and not taking for granted one, single, solitary minute of it!

Isabela is two!

Yes, Isabela is two. Her birthday was April 22nd. I realize I never posted a birthday blog post, BUT, I did write one! Here are some pictures and my post below:

an early birthday present from best godmother ever, Auntie Stacy

Isabela was a lucky girl. She had two birthday parties! Here we are at party number one, at Grandma Angie’s house.

Ecstatic over receiving her Jessie doll, from The Toy Story. Another present from Auntie Stacy

At party no. 2, in Illinois at Aunt Tammy’s house. Thank you Tammy for planning such a special, last minute party!

such a cutie, in the dress Grandma Nancy made

Fish cake!

Elmo cake that my sister, Auntie Aurelia, made for her first party. So cute!

oh yeah, and fish cupcakes!

Isabela is two!

I do feel bad, that I never did her “birthday blog.” However, on her birthday this year, the military movers were at our home in Iowa, packing up our belongings, and moving us out!

Yes, we are no longer in Iowa! After four very long years, we are…

Well, we are somewhere in transit, staying at my dad’s house in Homer, Louisiana, til we can move to our new place in Shreveport, La on 2 June.

So….Isabela is two. My sweet tiny tot, my dreambaby, my beli girl, my tiny….is two! Oh how the year flew by!

Looking back…thinking about her first year….phew! What a stressful year! I am happy to say that Isabela’s 2nd year was nowhere near as stressful as her 1st. There were NO food allergies to worry about! NO acid reflux! Wooohooooo! And sometime around 16 months, Isabela finally slept throughout the night!
YEAHHHH! Unfortunately, she has only done so a handful of tmes. So, this mommy, is often tired. Very tired!

But my sweet Isabela,….
WOW, has she grown! She can feed herself. She can sometimes get her shorts or pants on by herself.
She can even put her own shoes on! She talks, just a little, but oh is it ever so sweet to hear!

She loves to dance and is really a good little tiny dancer! No surprise there, though, right! Haha!

All in all, it has been a great year. We have played, painted, danced, walked, and sung our way through another year.
I look forward to another year of discovery, exploring, newness and FUN. Having a daughter is simply amazing. To see that girly-ness come out in such a tiny package makes me giggle (:

Soon, we will be in a new home. One that is waiting to be filled with new memories. And, in that home, there is a little room that’s waiting to be filled with bright colors and tiny tot toys.

And in that room, in that home, I will watch Isabela cuddle and feed her dollies and dance around in her princess heels. I’ll spend many sweet nights reading new stories and snuggling til we both fall asleep. We will create a home that is full of love and assurance, one that teaches love and acceptance for ALL people.
And as crazy as our life can get..as unstable as it has the potential to be…one thing will never remain the same. Rather it will change with the seasons – growing, swelling, refusing to be controlled….. Never the same, always just a little bit more than before….
The drive in my heart and killer of all selfishness….the LIFE and SOUL of our family…

The love Chris and I have for Isabela is one crazy thing….it wants to be described, but refuses to.

It’s the best feeling in the entire world.

I’m still here!

Wow….I haven’t blogged in SO long.

I’ve been BUSY!

I still am.

We are finally in Louisiana, in our new home, and sorta unpacked. Unpacking with a tiny tot running around is totally different than pre-kid days. And by different, I mean slower. A lot slower.

Anyhow, I am BACK and better then ever! Update coming up soon!