I am MORE (Poetry): Lessons in Vulnerability, part 2

I am more than my body, More than my curves. I am more than my smile, My looks, my clothes. I am not a trophy, Or a symbol of your best. I’m no prize or property, No object to cherish. FOR, Underneath my clothes, Underneath my skin, Underneath my bones, This is where my beauty lives. Tell me,Continue reading “I am MORE (Poetry): Lessons in Vulnerability, part 2”

In the wake of injustice…

I can’t even formulate the right words..all I can say is that I am truly heartbroken over the recent tragic events.I have tried to capture my feelings, to chase the argument of justice, but the words are elusive. The heartache is deep….and because of that, all I can think of is one word.  “Kindred.” AreContinue reading “In the wake of injustice…”

Lessons in Vulnerability, part 1

I think I’ve lived most of my life feeling unworthy in some way. Unworthy of belonging. Unworthy of being loved. Sure, I could probably list a lot more there, but they all boil down to those two: Love and belonging. Why? How did I become a 35 year old woman, who is certainly loved byContinue reading “Lessons in Vulnerability, part 1”