Yielding Up My Wounds (2017 Journal entry)

I know you, He says. You are not hidden from me. You turn to false loves, but they cannot cure you. They cannot heal your wounds. Seek me. Return and repent (vv. 3, 14-15, my paraphrase). The past two years have reaped of bleeding wounds. Even worse, they were old wounds. To put it plainly, it was likeContinue reading “Yielding Up My Wounds (2017 Journal entry)”

In The Using (a journal entry from 2017)

In the dark, quiet morning, I rose before anyone else. I slowly walked into the kitchen, careful to not turn on any lights along the way. I lit a few candles and proceeded to make my French-pressed morning coffee, and I stood at the counter. There, I slowly began to awaken, with forced movements andContinue reading “In The Using (a journal entry from 2017)”

More than a feeling, More than a song. You are not fleeting, You are personal.   You want us to be like You, Where You are, In Your glory, Embraced by Your heart.   And, This is where friendship lies. Not in the blandness of the earth, Nor in the drama or lies.   SoContinue reading

What Are You, Anyway? ( a poem, of sorts)

They said, “What are you, anyway?” I  pretended I didn’t know What they were talking about. “I’m me, that’s who.” (Even though I knew what they were getting at.)   “No, but what are you?” They asked, “You know what I mean.” “I just belong here,” I said,  In a way, not so specific, WantingContinue reading “What Are You, Anyway? ( a poem, of sorts)”

The Sacrifice of Worship

Fellow lovers of worship and worship leaders, How many times have you felt like you just could not progress in your calling or skillset? How many times have you felt…stuck? How many times have you felt weak or ineffective? Well, worshippers, instrumentalists, chorus members, background vocalists, song leaders, music directors and worship pastors, we haveContinue reading “The Sacrifice of Worship”