For a long time, I’ve been passionate about meeting with the Holy Spirit in the quiet early mornings and having holy conversation.Through the years, this has not only resulted in a close relationship with My Beloved, but has also led me to write songs over our nation, the church, my community, friends, and of course, my family.

Seeing the power of these songs released has convinced me that Spirit songs are not just valuable, but essential to our daily lives; We must be strengthened to endure the here and now with the fresh flow of God’s heart. This comes to us by way of the Spirit, who tabernacles inside of us. This is what some people call “prophetic worship or prophetic flow.”

I am dedicated to releasing the prophetic songs (whether written or straight from spontaneous worship sessions) that have given muscle to spirit and consciousness. I am also passionate about teaching what I’ve learned along the way, whether by offering formal music lessons or walking along in mentorship with others who’d like to learn how to write songs, how to incorporate spontaneous worship into their times of worship, and those who’d like to hear more about embracing indigenous sound.

The most important thing about me is that I truly believe that God is love, and that God’s love is enduring, despite anything we have ever done or will do. Resting in the truth that God sent Jesus to a sin-weary world, to lay down his life …and in doing so, giving us hope that defies all odds, all suffering, and even death, leads me to searching for God’s friendship every single day. How amazing it is that God’s friendship never fails! If you’d like to hear more, please reach out!

Finally, may God, in his all-inclusive love, be with you.

Favorite Parts of the Bible to Sing Through

The Psalms

I sing through a psalm almost every day!

The “red words”

Basically, all the words that came from the mouth of Jesus.

Minor Prophets of the Old Testament

I have found these passages are really powerful when singing over my family, the city/the nations, and of course, with the Lord.

Let’s build something together.

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