Our Little Poppyseed

August 13th was such a happy day! I really can’t put into words the feelings that were coursing through me. So many emotions were at work inside of me, and I just wanted to share a part of that day with the ones Chris and I love the most!


After months and months of trying to conceive, praying, waiting and buying home pregnancy tests, I finally saw the two lines!!! Yes, not one line, but two, and I could hardly believe it!!! I was so excited, that I could hardly wait to tell Chris the good news!

Unfortunately, Chris was on his way back from out of town and wouldn’t be home til after 10 p.m. I probably would have died of anticipation if my beautiful best friend, Tiffany, didn’t give me the greatest idea!

Off I went to the mall, found what I was looking for, and back home to wait for Chris. When he finally arrived, I set a little giftbag in front of him. I gave him this little speech, telling him how proud I was of him for making his Recruiter Silver Badge. Which is true; I am so proud of the progress he’s made at work this year!!! I told him I bought him something special because I knew how important recieving this badge was.

Chris opened up the gift bag and inside was one of his favorite type of golf shirts. He opened up the shirt, exclaiming how nice the shirt was. All of a sudden, a little package fell out of the shirt and into his lap! I said, “hmmmm, I wonder what that is?” Chris opened up the package, and pulled a little baby rattle. He looked at it, confused, and then looked at me. He looked at it again, and then burst out laughing! He said, “Are you trying to tell me something? Are you pregnant?”

We both just started to laughing.

Amazing day….Amazing!!!

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