7 days!

So far the past 10 weeks have been….well, definitely a journey! I have been sooooo very tired, emotional, and have hated almost every food that exists, but I have also been just incredibly happy!

The other day I was talking to Chris, and I was saying how in the Bible, it says God created the earth in 7 days. Well, if you have been pregnant, then you know that your baby undergoes changes every week, and every 7 days, new changes occur! For instance, this week, our baby’s nails are starting to grow and she (or he) will be able to bend her (or his) limbs by the end of the week! Next week, tooth buds will start to grow and some bones will began to harden.

Also every 7 days, I begin to feel a little different. A little more energy (yes!), more psycho emotional, and this week I started having really strange food cravings! I will get more into that later, but I do have a point, I think! I was just thinking what an amazing correlation it is….that God took 7 days to create all that exists in this world…and that this life I am carrying inside of me is constantly growing, with very specific changes occuring every 7 days!
I am sure I am not the only person who has thought of this, but I guess to me, it was a pretty cool correlation!

I do feel so blessed lately and so happy. Chris and I are definitely growing more together and having fun talking about our little one, our dreams, and our goals! We feel so young, we can’t believe we are going to parents soon! Its crazy!!!
Well, more to come later today. I am on computer and phone duty at work today….so I have lots and lots of time! I suppose I will talk about food cravings and such later on!

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