Yes! Its the weekend! And next week is Thanksgiving, which brings us closer to Christmas!!!


Well…I am 18 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! 2 more weeks and we are halfway there!! I almost can’t believe it!

Sooooo…..if anyone wants to, please pray that I can get some rest. I started having trouble sleeping this week. I have been waking up earlier and earlier this week…..Wednesday waking up at 0430 and this morning I woke up at 0130. And, then its really hard to get back to sleep. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I do work and lack of sleep is hard on a working mama who is on her feet all day!

I keep waking up coughing….or to blow my nose…..or to pee…..or because I am so uncomfortable with this baby belly and extra weight putting pressure on my hips when I sleep. I am seriously contemplating buying one of those pregnancy pillows!

These next 2 weeks will be similiary hard, because this week and then, I will be on my feet all day at work. This week, my feet suffered very badly! They started to swell and throb, and just plain hurt! I even bought one of the those foot spa things to try and help the discomfort. That helped a little, but the foot rubs from Chris have helped so much more!!! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband! I am just not looking foward for the next 2 weeks, and I need lots of prayers to help me get though them.

Other than that….I really can’t complain. I still feel tiny move every now and then, but its not on a consistent basis yet. I have read that may be around 26 weeks or so…..but I can’t wait for that!

Chris and I are gonna try to get all the furniture in its place this weekend, and finish our Target registry. I start winter semester on Monday, so I really want as much in its place as possible because working full time and school full time is no joke!!

Thats all I got for now…Peace!

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