19 weeks!

Wow…..halfway there! I will defnitely be posting some pictures sometime today. yay!

So….Chris and I had a great Thanksgiving day! We met some friends at a casino and ate there. No cooking involved…and that was nice because its kinda silly to cook a huge feast just for two people! I am also happy that we don’t have any leftovers hanging out here….because although I love turkey, dressing, gravy and pies, I don’t want to over-indulge. I want Little Tiny to get lots of nutritious veggies and protein and healthy carbs…..So I indulged myself for just one meal and now its over with.

So, I am sitting here drinking an “Aurelia morning” smoothie. haha, thats what I call it, but I love my sis for telling me about how she makes sure she gets all of her fruits and veggie servings in for the day! This is great to have while pregnant, because although I get hungrier more often, I get fuller faster.

So….first thing you need is fruit. (and a blender, or course) Any fruit or fruits that you want. Today I used a banana, peaches, and grapes. I was gonna throw in an apple but I didn’t feel like cutting and peeling it.
Secondly, all you need is some ice. And then, you just take some spinach leaves and throw as much as you want in there! I usually do about 2 handfuls…but however much you want to use is cool, because guess what? You can’t even taste the spinach! Also, you can probably do it in whatever order you want; I am sure that part doesn’t matter. Oh!! And usually, I try and throw in some yogurt or milk in, and sometimes some calcium fortified orange juice gets in there. That way I can make sure Little Tiny and I are getting lots and lots of calcium.

So, I like to have the smoothies in the morning, and then it feels great knowing that I got all of my fruit servings in and most of my veggie servings in for the day. Thanks Aurelia!

Ok…well this week wasn’t so easy. I am still waking up pretty early, but mostly because its starting to get a little uncomfortable at night to sleep. Last week, my feet started hurting a lot and swelling….this week my ankles decided to get in on the action as well! I have noticed that its definitely due to work, most likely because I am walking at work for all day. As soon as I get home, I make sure that I rest and elevate my feet. On the weekends, there is only a little swelling…I hope that after I quit working ( 19 dec!! yay!) that the swelling and pain goes away a little.

The only other thing that happened was on Wednesday. I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time. I read that Braxton Hicks start from the very first trimester, but that most women don’t feel them until their last month of pregnancy. My midwife said that a lot of women do start to feel them earlier, and not to worry, but to definitely monitor them.
It did feel weird to be walking around at work, feeling my belly kinda cramp and become super tight on and off….just a weird feeling….not any pain at all.

Soooo, other than that we are all doing great! My belly is definitely growing and its rock hard…haha. It’s getting uncomfortable to sleep, harder to stretch, bend down, and put my shoes on! (: I will get Chris to take some pics of my growing belly today and let you guys judge for yourself about how huge my belly is. Chris and I agree that this week is probably the first week that anyone can tell that I am pregnant. (: Its exciting!!!

4 thoughts on “19 weeks!

  1. haha! i call those fran smoothies! and they are yummy with coconut milk, oh and avocado makes them have more of a smoothie texture and you can't taste them either!


  2. I love the vegan smoothies. That's what I call them because they are so healthy and full of living things — raw vegies and fruit are living food. The overcooked, over salted and over sugared, not to mention over greasy American food is dead food indeed. I use coconut oil instead of Crisco when making my pie crust. I'm afraid of Crisco — that artery clogging fluff that packs on the pounds. And lets not forget to rub some Aloe Vera on that belly so that you will get minimal stretch marks. Cocoa butter works well too. You want to go to the health food store for these things in order to get all the natural benefits from them and not the toxic stuff at the drug store.


  3. Aurelia is right! I am the Smoothie-Giver!

    But actually, I got them from reading raw food websites, so pass the goodness on!

    ps: you can also put a little ground flaxseed for added Omega3 fats and fiber 🙂


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