wait……we’re not having a boy???

hmmmm….you know how theres that lower than 1 percent chance that an ultrasound sex determination could be wrong?
Well, guess what? They were wrong the 1st time! Chris and I both knew that there was that chance…especially since the ultrasound was so early in the pregnancy (16th week).
Even still, we were very shocked to find out we are having a little girl now!

Hahah, I was already having visions of a cute little boy sporting a mohawk and wearing rock and roll t-shirts…hahah! But either way, Chris and I are very happy, and even more happy to say that little tiny looks completely healthy on the ultrasound! I will scan and post the ultrasound pictures later!

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7 thoughts on “wait……we’re not having a boy???

  1. YAY a girl! Isa…

    so i called Nora to tell her about my God DAUGHTER and she said

    ” yay i knew she had an ultrasound today, is that where she found out?”

    i was like how did you know?

    she said she has been following your pregnancy on facebook. lol


  2. Babicka had a dream on Friday that she was holding a baby girl. How did she know? Why, who in the hell would dress a boy in Pink? Anyway, she sure was cute, pudgy with lots of black curly hair and a real butter ball. When I woke up on Saturday morning I said to myself: “Well that ain't right; it's a boy”. Then I got Alicia's text message yesterday and it was like God telling me “see? I told you so”.


  3. see Alicia! All you had to do was go from having a boy to a girl, and people will comment on your blog!! Don't forget those who were always truly dedicated though! lol


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