29 week appointment!

Today I went in to take a glucose tolerance test and to see my midwife for my monthly appointment. Starting now, I must be seen every 2 weeks….wow! Time is going by so fast!

So, everything looks great! I am measuring exactly 29 cm, which is ideal. Typically, when they measure your tummy, they want the measurement to equal how far along you are in weeks.

Also, Paula (midwife) felt around to see where the babies head is, and it looks like Isabela is already being a good little girl because she is down in the head down position – exactly where they want her to be at this point! This doesn’t mean that she won’t move back to a breech position, because she is still small enough to flip around. However, the chances of her being breech are less now, so lets just pray she stays this way! Also, I will be doing my part to keep her heading downwards by continuing to exercise and be active. (though its hard, because now I just wanna sleep all the time..hahah)

Isabela’s heartrate is at 147…which is great! I am so thankful that so far, I have had a textbook pregnancy, free of complications! I am definitely praying that my glucose test goes well and that I won’t have to take another to test for gestational diabetes.

Well….I actually have a busy day today – and I’m already exhausted!

Love you all!

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One thought on “29 week appointment!

  1. Just give the Lord thanks every day that no promise of His will fall to the fround. It says in Isaiah that His word does not return unto him void. I love that. That really speaks of His greatness and goodness. Now I feel like listening to Michael W. Smith.


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