3d/4d ultrasound video and pictures!!

soooo, it was amazing to see our little tiny! She was so cramped and squished up in there…she had NOOO room left, it seemed. She was all twisted up. Hahah, her legs were by her head and so were her hands at one point! Then she moved back to the fetal position, and her arms and legs were a tangled mess. She was moving around quite a bit, which made it hard to catch pictures. She was probably angry that we woke her up from her nap!

So, unfortunately, her head was so far down, that she had her face buried in the placenta! So, the facial pictures are really cloudy and hard to make out. If she would have just turned around, we could have gotten some great pictures!! Hahah, but I think where she is at right now, which is head down and far down on the right side of my pelvis, is her favorite spot to lay her head. Its been there for a while, and I can feel the pressure of her head sometimes!

Anyhow, what we could see was some really chubby cheeks, big lips, and several yawns! It was awesome to see her moving around, yawning, sticking her tongue out, and moving her hands around her face!! So totally worth the money….even if the pictures of her face were covered with placenta…haha!

We love her SO much! I can’t wait to finally hold her in my arms!

SOOOO….here is the video. Above the video is a link to the 3d pictures. They are easy to see as pics rather than videos, because when I uploaded the video on the internet, it ruined some of the quality! I actually suggest looking at the pictures first, then watching the video.

Click this to see the pictures

3d/4d ultrasound pics


One thought on “3d/4d ultrasound video and pictures!!

  1. i have to say i love the vid. i also have to say i woul dpost quicker and more often if i didnt have to do the word varification at the bottom. i always get it wrong and then have to press the handicapped button to get it to say it aloud to me. by that time i feel retarded and i close out. so now that i can read the word below i will leave a comment.

    i cant believe its only 10 more weeks. the video makes it so real. i just want to meet her so so So much. this … is gonna be so fun.


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