Do it.

I added some 33 week pics. Check them out!

Also, this week I started doing some preparing. We are washing all of the baby clothes, arranging them and hanging them up. I made what will be the birth announcement, and it’s super cute!!! I’m no graphic designer, but I love them, and I can’t wait for everyone to see them!
This weekend, we will be packing the hospital bag for baby and me!
Also, we will be putting the car seats in both vehicles! Crazy! We are also going to super spring clean the house and finish trying to organize for little tiny. Doesn’t sound like much, but it really is when you have never had a baby and have no idea what to expect!

I am also going to go through all the addresses that I have and pre-address envelopes for the baby announcements. SOOOO, if you want an announcement, know someone who does, or know that we may not have your up to date address or another person’s, send them to us!!!
(All the addresses I have are from Dec 07, so that gives you a pretty clear idea of how current everything is or isn’t.)

There is so much stuff to do, so we are just taking it week by week now. I am going to drag my food sealer out from storage and start freezing some sauces and meals, so it will be a little less stressful after the baby is born.

Any other ideas to make things easier? Let us know! We are so anxious for the baby to come, but a little nervous as well. Any ideas are welcome and coveted!

Anyhow, that is the plan for this week. I am also going to start some crafting projects, in hopes of decorating the nursery. I’m so excited!

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