Easter Sunday

Chris and I went to church, and just went home. We had a relaxing time, just enjoying each other’s company, grilling out, and enjoying the day!

Chris managed to snap some pics of us during worship, so I thought I would share. They really aren’t great quality ):

Oh well. I am making up for the bad pics by also posting a video clip of Dave Lunsford’s release cd concert. In the clip, you will hear Lisa Lunsford ( Dave’s wife and co-music minister with Dave) singing. Lisa is so incredibly talented, inspiring in worship, and beautiful inside and out! She sings along with Dave on his cd, and if you haven’t bought a cd at DavidLunsfordmusic.com or on ITunes, do it now!!! Every song on Dave’s cd was written by him – Dave is also amazingly blessed and talented as well! ALL of his music is so prophetic, uplifting, and inspiring that it is on my “labor playlist.” Meaning, I will definitely be using it, along with other music and Bible scriptures, to help me through this crazy natural and drug free labor and delivery that we are planning.

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