We will call or text you when its time to go to the hospital.

I just wanted to put this out there. If you are family, friends, or a member of blogger, facebook, or myspace, you will DEFINITELY know when we make our way to the hospital.

If you are immediate family or bff’s, you will definitely know when I start to go into real labor.

I am just putting this out there, because I am starting to get more phone calls and emails from everyone asking if I’ve had the baby yet! So, my wonderful and beautiful family – please don’t call or ask me this or joke about it, because you will find me to be incredibly grouchy, uncomfortable, emotional, and irritable.

C’mon! (: Chris and I are absolutely the WORST secret keepers in the world! We will be screaming it from the rooftops, when the time comes! Just like we did when we found out we were expecting.

And my selfish reason for blogging this, is that I, yes me, absolutely am NOT a phone talker. Right Stacy ? haha. I’m sorry. I enjoy talking to my loved ones of course, but my conversations just tend to be short and sweet. Thanks to my dad’s conditioning of no phone calls over 5 minutes, I am afraid that I don’t know how stay on the phone very long, lol.

Most of the time I suck up my selfishness and make myself answer my phone calls, but I have found that the past week I have been reluctant to do so. It’s probably because so many people are calling me, asking me if I’ve had the baby, yet. I’m really trying not to be anxious, and I’m trying to just relax and not think about when she is going to come.

Alot of people are giving me crazy old wive’s tales of the things I should do to make her come out sooner. Some of them hold some medical truth, like sex and keeping active. But of course, most of them are silly.
Someone told me to clean my house all day and walk for 2 miles afterwards. Hahah. I decided to follow my midwive’s advice instead. Which is to continue with normal activity, make sure to elevate my feet several times a day (cuz they are so huge and swollen), and to get plenty of rest to ensure I have energy when I go into labor. BECAUSE, as a first time mom, there’s no telling just how long labor is going to last. (:

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, thats pretty much it. I am not sure there will be anymore belly pics. For one thing, I’m not getting any bigger and neither is Isabela anymore. My last two appts, she measured the same, and my weight gain has stalled. DONT WORRY, this is completely normal…its even normal for the mom-t0-be to lose weight during the last several weeks of pregnancy.

So, unless Chris and I are in pictures together, I’m done posing for them by myself! Yeah! I’m pretty sick of taking pictures of my hugeness. I can’t wait to have some sort of control over my body again. I can’t wait to be able to sleep in a reclining position and be able to roll over again, as well.

But mostly, I just can’t wait to meet Isabela. WE are both soooo excited, anxious to finally see what she looks like, and nervous for the days ahead.

Love you all.

5 thoughts on “We will call or text you when its time to go to the hospital.

  1. so umm sorry about the joking, but the whole point was that i knew it would be incredibly ridiculous for me to think you actually had the baby without me knowing about it. therefore, your correct response would have been “oh yeah i had her already, didn't i tell you?” or something to that effect

    also i feel honored to think that maybe i have some kind of “way with you” when it comes to the phone..mwahahahaha. you must never tire of talking to me or else. I'll lay off you this week though =)


  2. HaHaHa. I can truly say that I'm innocent of being a pest. My better judgment told me to give you some space. I love you. You know that you can come to me any time.


  3. Yeah! I'm pretty sick of taking pictures of my hugeness. u alwasy find a way to crack up. im happy you know how to hang the phone up quickly with a i have to go. i use that often now. but your hte only one who desont think its rude.


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