3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Aurelia Joy says:

    Gasy smiles is def my favorite! She looks so…relieved!
    By the way, a friend of mine sent me a message telling me (and I quote) that Isa is “the cutest baby she has ever seen”


  2. Gillian Waldo says:

    Congratulations to both of you…What a beautiful family…I can't beleive how small she looks when someone is holding her…All that hair makes her look so grown up! Hope you are feeling well!


  3. David and Even says:

    ” The sea its millions of waves
    is rocking, divine,
    hearing the loving seas,
    I'm rocking my child.

    The wandering wind in the night
    is rocking the winds of wheat
    hearing the loving winds,
    Im rocking my child.

    God the father his thousands
    of worlds
    is rocking without a sound.
    Feeling his hand in the shadows
    I'm rocking my child. “
    Chilean poet

    Take care and God bless


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