Summer Nostalgia

Yesterday, I left the house for 2 hours…thats the longest I have ever been away from our tiny. Chris was supposed to try and give her a bottle during this time frame….but Isabela is so gosh darn stubborn and decided to just wait for me to come back. She didn’t cry or anything! She just knew I wasn’t there and showed no sign of hunger until the minute I walked back into the door! Smarty pants she is, but I just wish she would take a bottle..grrr!

Anyhow, not the point of this note.

SO yesterday, I finally felt like summer was here – it had to be at least 80 degrees outside. And, it was seriously humid. Not Louisiana humid of course, but pretty darn close. And as I was walking through the sticky, sweet humidity, I began to wish that I had a swimming pool to jump into, and a Chacho’s margarita….and maybe a sno cone.

I began to think of when I was a child. We didn’t have a lot and neither did our neighbor friends. In fact, we used to sit around and argue who was poorer! Isn’t that funny? Each and every one of us was pretty sure that our family was the poorest and would argue very passionately about it.
Isn’t that silly? We were definitely silly!

So, Lousiana has the worst humidity ever! As a kid, our town only had one swimming pool, and it was only open nights twice a week. So we used to play all kinds of silly water games. Water gun fights, water balloon fights….taking turns spraying each other with the hose until the one being sprayed couldn’t take it anymore, lake days…and of course, slip and slides. Those were definitely fun times!

I than began to think about our 4 years stationed in San Antonio, which is an extremely hot and dry climate. No, we didn’t have a swimming pool than, but we didn’t really need one. See, they have these things called “Home Owners Associations” and most of the time, every neighborhood has their own pool. And we should, considering home owners have to pay an average of about 500 dollars a year to these associations. And if you don’t own a home, no problem! Pretty much ever apartment complex has it’s own swimming pool, as well. The really nice apartments have locked gates, but the other ones….well its pretty easy to just drive up and jump into the pool. Also, I can’t forget weekends at the Guadalupe River and the Gulf Coast beaches. I miss those days!

So, I must admit, I do like the humidity. It reminds me of swimming and sno cones (raspas (: )

And, as we enter into this Iowa summer….I am intensely nostalgic. I must admit that I was incredibly surprised at the amount of humidity in Iowa, but it makes my heart a little happy inside to think of the sweet memories I have from my southern homes.

Yay for swimming pools, beaches, margaritas, slip and slides, and sno cones!!!! (And also yay for the little taco shack down the street from our old house in San Antonio that sold the best funnel cakes, smoothies, roasted corn, and tacos al pastor.)

Summer memories anyone? I’d love to hear them?

2 thoughts on “Summer Nostalgia

  1. First of all Babicka's baby is the smartest baby in the whole wide world and she is such a good little girl! Now for Summer: My best memories are those visiting grandma Mary and grandpa Camilo in Chicago. Sometimes it would be hot and humid (nothing like Louisiana but for Chicago, sizzlin). Then those wonderful cool fronts from Canada would come and cool things off to a wonderful high of 76 degrees and 50 at night so you can sleep. God sent that A/C. Then there were those trips to the zoos, the museaums, planetarium and of course, Wright's Barnyard for an evening of fun. There was also the video games and the movies, even those late night ones. I'm glad summer is here because I love the longer days and shorter nights; I don't much care for the autumnal equinox where it gets dark early. Poo poo on that! The humidity and heat are much harder to bear when a week ago the high was only 55 and you woke up asking yourself if it's March again. I just wish we could just have a real spring instead of plunging from March to 90+.


  2. Now for the memories with Bone Dry: Michigan Beer Fest — hip, hip horray! Christmas in July. Camping: So great to be in tune with nature. If it's hot and humid you can always pitch your tent under a tree and at night the mosquitos can't stand the smell of smoke so we let ourselves get nice and smokey. Musica: Yes. The very finest ever. We love to travel to hear our music and Cornmeal is playing at Retro on Roscoe (Chicago). Of course, we're going! Then we will have some good beer.


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