please pray

For an old friend of mine. She just had her first baby, but the baby came really early! She was 26 weeks pregnant when she went into labor. The baby is not incubated, but she is still in the NICU. Poor mommy can’t even hold her baby yet…she can only touch her tiny little hand! She was already discharged from the hospital and had to go home without her baby.

This just breaks my heart! Please pray for the health of her sweet baby girl! Pray that she begins thrive, that her lungs develop without complication, and that she survives! Pray for her mommy, that she will experience an huge flow of support from her friends, families, and even strangers! Pray that God will provide for her financially. See, she was on bedrest and not working for a couple of months. THe hospital her baby girl is in is an hour away. She will be driving there everyday as she cannot afford to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, the city has no Ronald McDonald house or facility like it. SO please pray that her daughter will gain weight and thrive and that God will provide her mommy with financial overflow and even a place to stay near the hospital.

Thank you!

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