Happy Friday and Saturday!

Friday, Chris’s Aunt Susie and Grandpa Klunk came to visit! They brought with them some wonderful presents and it was so much fun visiting! Isabela really was entranced by Grandpa’s loud and deep voice! We had a great visit!

My older sister, Auntie Angie is here visiting for a while! Isabela loves to laugh and smile with her! Its so nice to have my sister here with me for a while!

Also, Isabela has been spending time in her bumbo seat lately. She doesn’t always love it, but she’s getting there!

Next week, Isabela gets her two month shots. She will be almost 3 months then, but oh well! I’m nervous about that day. I hate seeing my little beli girl cry!

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday and Saturday!

  1. I'm so glad you all had a great visit. I can tell by the pictures that she really likes great grandma and grandpa Klunk. How cute! I love the pictures that were taken and I can see that Auntie Angela enjoys little Isabela too.


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