5 thoughts on “The sweetest sound!

  1. thanks so much for sharing that memory! i didn't know about that or maybe I just forgot, but I loved hearing about it.

    Isa is the cutest baby in the entire world. I LOVE hearing her giggle. Chris' giggle, on the other hand, gives me the creeps. 😉


  2. haha. chris' creepy giggle. lol. i cant belive she is laughing already! she must be a happy baby. and why wouldnt she with you as her mommy!


  3. This is indeed very precious. The only problem I have is I can barely hear her over that music. I wish that when I click on the YouTube video of Isabela that the music would stop so I can hear my sweet granddaughter giggle. I love her beautiful smile too.


  4. Now Babicka is happy since she figured out how to turn the music off. I can see how very precious she is and she is very smart too. She is truly a gift from God and a real Treasure. She is priceless. Her life and her fun loving spirit come from her parents and you all got that from the Father. What a blessed joy.


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