Uncle Chris and Aunt Alicia

haha. That’s right….hopefully today Chris and I will have a beautiful niece, Kellen Alexandre Stephens!!

Tegan is in labor right now; Chris told me that her water broke at 0745 hours. She is being induced so just to let everyone know, that can sometimes take a long time. I am hoping it doesn’t take as long as it has for the friends I have that had to be induced! I have spend most of this morning in prayer for Tegan and Curt and I am hoping some of you can join me!

Specifically, I have been praying:

That Tegan’s body is responding well to the Pitocin and that her contractions remain steady and constant. (instead of staggering and in crazy patterns, like Pitocin tends to do to laboring mothers).

That the epidural works, not just numbing one side of her body, but works to its full effect.

That Tegan and Curt are able to get plenty of rest once the epidural kicks in!

That the epidural doesn’t slow down contractions or dilation.

That baby Kellen descends safely into the birth canal and that no forceps or vacuum is needed.

That Tegan doesn’t have to push very long. (Average pushing time for 1st time moms with epidurals is around 4 hours)

That Curt is refreshed with energy so that he can be there 100 percent for Tegan!

That all the nurses, midwives, and doctors are wonderful, kind and very capable!

That Tegan doesn’t have to have an episotomy and that she has a quick recovery!

And of course, a happy healthy baby!

So, if you are reading this today, please say some prayers for Tegan, Curt and Kellen. So many people prayed for us when we were having Isabela, and I could really feel those prayers surrounding me!

Thank you so much! We are so excited for Curt and Tegan, who will be such wonderful and loving parents!! We can’t wait to meet Kellen finally (in Sept), and to take lots and lots of pictures!

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