8 lbs

Its been 16 weeks since Isa has been born. Life has definitely changed! And, 16 weeks later, I have lost all the baby weight except for 8 very stubborn pounds!!

It’s driving me crazy…My doctor said around 6 months postpartum, my body should let go of those additional lbs. It is kind of driving me crazy, though!

So, for the first time in my life, I have been dealing with some self confidence issues. Obviously, I have never had a “perfect body.” But, I did have hard abs, a strong core, I could keep us with the boys in push ups, and was very in shape. I might not have been super skinny, but I was fit and muscular. For the first time ever, my tummy is like jello.

Its the weirdest feeling ever- I have absolutely no abs thanks to the c-section. It even hurts to run, because my no abs stomach can’t really support my back. But the worst feeling is feeling horrible about my body. I have even been feeling a little embarrassed. I know- I just had a baby. But, its been 16 weeks, and 10 weeks since I have been cleared to exercise.

I just feel so frustrated. I have been eating extremely healthy, especially since I have been exclusively breastfeeding. I have been slowly working up to getting to where I was before, as far as running. Its frustrating that I just can’t go out and start running, doing push ups and sit ups, like I could before. Believe me, I tried, and just ended up with a hurt back. I have to do this slowly, but I am so ready for these last lbs to be gone!!

Anyhow, I am lucky that I have a husband who thinks I am beautiful and the hottest woman on the planet (: I am trying to get rid of this low self confidence…I’m not used to this. I have always been confident of myself and accepted my body for what it was. Why is it so hard to do this now? Ahhhhh!!

Especially since I know that I WILL reach my old weight, and maybe lose more weight after that.

I just keep telling myself that I am more than just a number on the scale. And, that as long as I continue to eat healthy and exercise, I will start feeling better about myself one day.


8 thoughts on “8 lbs

  1. You ARE beautiful girl and you'll have you're “old” body back in no time. One of my cousins who had a baby described her stomach as “bread dough” after her baby was born…and if it makes you feel any better my younger sister is now full term and I still weigh 20lbs. more than her!!!!!


  2. I'm sorry you're feeling so down sister. I can't imagine how tough it must be for you right now. I think you are handling everything so well though. Soon you will be back to running as easily as you used to, and with as hard as your working, you will be back to your old self for sure! I love you!


  3. As women in today's society it is super hard to just be happy with our bodies the way they are. Everywhere you look there are advertisements picturing skinny, sexy bodies. I think the fact that you have lost all but 8lbs in such a short time is amazing! I had Malia almost 10 years ago and I'm still struggling to lose the weight. Eat healthy, exercise and then be happy with the results you see. Just look at that beautiful baby to see what you got in return for those 8lbs. Nothing short of a miracle and nothing short of flabulous! That's right! I said it! Flabulous! It just right now became my new favorite word! Love you!


  4. Naila, you are so funny! lol-flabulous. I failed to mention that I gained 45 lbs during the pregnancy …and I ate healthy and exercised the whole time! So, I am happy that I only have 8 to go. I just really need to mend myself psychologically…I hate not feeling confident!


  5. Girl, you are amazing to have taken off 39 lbs since pregnancy! I gained 20 and still have 15 to take off for pre-pregnancy weight(I've gained weight since moving back to the US 😦 boo!) BTW, I've enjoyed your blog immensely– been checking it throughout my pregnancy and checking your milestones thinking “I will be there in just 7 weeks” 🙂 So glad things are going well and I hope that that acid reflux is better soon! Any suggestions to help it because I think Josie might have a bit of it herself. We haven't been to the doc yet but will next week (because we've been traveling since getting home). I'll have to look into a convertable car-seat– sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!


  6. Alicia, sweetheart, you are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don't let those thoughts bring you down. Just realize that you are blessed to have a wonderful husband and precious baby and all that stuff about having that perfect body is fiction. Women even in my day were programed through the propaganda of advertising, whether it was through TV ads, magazines or the store window manicans. If it would make you feel better, just realize that they're just trying to sell diet pills (very dangerous and can cause heart attacks and/or stroke), phony diets, etc. I'm here to tell you that you are special and God wants you to think of yourself as what you are: A lily of the valley, a rose of Sharon; perfect without blemish (Song of Solomon). Beauty comes from the inside out. You were beautiful when you were born, growing up and even more beautiful now as a mommy. You are Precious!


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