The best moment of my life has been captured on film….yes! I am elated!

Ok, so my c-section happened so quickly, that I don’t think Chris really had time to think. Because of all the chaos around us, Chris didn’t get any of Isa’s delivery on video. We have a lot of pictures, though, and I was fine with that.

Our doula, Jun-Nicole, ever amazing that she is, was video taping when they first brought Isabela into the recovery room to meet me! She gave me the video clip today, and I was so emotional watching it!

The hardest thing for me about having the c-section is the memory loss I had and still have shortly after. I was on so many drugs, that I barely remember anything for several hours after the c-section. I have a very limited memory of our first night, and sadly, I had hardly any memory of meeting Isabela for the first time. This was very hard on me, heartbreaking in ways. I think I felt robbed, in a way, of a vaginal birth, and all the excitement and adrenaline of meeting my baby for the first time. I am happy that I have many pictures of everything, but nothing can replace a lost memory.

Anyhow, as soon as I watched the video clip, some memories just flooded back into my mind. Amazing!! I am SO happy that we made the decision to hire a doula, so glad that she video taped this BEAUTIFUL moment, and so happy to have this video clip in my possession.

I wanted to share this with you …so here you go. You get to see me super bloated from all the IV fluids and filled with the most intense emotions I have ever felt in my life.
By the way, I had no idea she was video taping. I just thought they were taking pictures.

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