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Yep, thats right. This blog has nothing to do with anything baby. However, it will probably take me forever to get to the point, but keep reading. The end is funny.

So…..this week starts off Operation Skinny (thank you Mike, you are my inspiration!) I went to the gym everyday this week, so far, yay!!

I am starting off slowly, so that I can have goals to work up to. I can’t really dive in and go crazy, because my body simply won’t let me. This fact has been a source of frustration, but I also know that one day I will be at a level of fitness that I will be proud of!

Anyhow, today was toning day. I did lite cardio and walked over to the stretching area of the gym. There was only one guy stretching and a very very skinny blonde girl doing sit-ups. So…I begin to do sit-ups, then some pushups, more sit-ups and more push-ups, basically just alternating between the two.

Before I continue I have to explain about me and push-ups. Before I got pregnant, I was like the push-up diva, lol. Being in the military helped, but I have always been pretty strong with push-ups. I am the former winner of many push-up contests, and I had no trouble keeping up with Chris in that area. And, I do mean perfect push-ups, straight legged style, with arms at least at a 90 degree angle, but preferrably chest touching the floor style push-ups.

Well, after a c-section, its impossible to be at that level. I have no ab muscles, and I am basically starting from scratch (:

So, I was doing sit-ups and push-ups, but doing the push-ups on my knees. In my mind, I felt pretty embarressed about it….
I mean, here I am, ex-push-up extraordinarie, doing push-ups girl style, and feeling pretty crappy about it and even a little embarressed. However, everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes it just has to be at the bottom!

Well, as I was doing sit-ups, the blonde got up, put her mat away and walked away from the area. I turned over to do push-ups, and I saw her turn around and watch me. THEN, yes then, blondie walked back over, grabbed a mat, and proceeded to do push-ups straight-legged style in front of me.

I really couldn’t believe it and told myself that she really wasn’t trying to show me her superiority. After all, her push-up technique was horrendous. Sure, she was doing them straight-legged, but her arms were no where near 90 degree angles. She did about 20 push-ups, stood up for about 2 minutes and repeated her push-up reptitions twice. I was thinking that it was weird that she came back to do them, but figured that maybe she just forgot …

Really, I was trying to convince myself that she wasn’t trying to show me up. I mean, I could do push-ups the way she did them – she barely lowerd herself at all.

Anyhow, I just finished what I was doing and then began to do series of lunges and squats. This lady continued to copy me , SERIOUSLY!! Except, she was doing lunges and squats with heavier weights….and doing bicep curls with heavier weights…and anything I would do she would use heavier weights.

It was SO weird, but I wanted to see if she would keep copying me, so I just kept doing different stuff, lol. I kept trying to make eye contact, but she would look away.

Then it became time for stretching. She proved herself to be very flexible, way more than me. I just kept thinking that this lady must be so proud of herself. I was wondering if she would really copy me in everything I did. So, instead of doing a regular straddle stretch, I did the splits instead. She also did. Hmmmm…..what else I could I do?

I stood up, reached towards the ceiling, stood on my tip toes, bent over, and did the best somersault I have ever done in my life. I then did it backwards. I stood up gracefully, looked at her, and waited. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I think I won. what do you think?

7 thoughts on “non-baby blog

  1. Remember those girls that would just wear hootchie clothes at Ramstein and STRETCH the whole time so guys would check them out? While we were sweating our butts off (literally) doing Aerobics!!! Jess


  2. yes, Jessica, I totally remember those girls at the gym in Germany. They always stretched in the free weights area instead of the stretching area, lol.
    Gillian! I have no idea what that girl's problem was. Definitely a very weird situation. I'm sure you could imagine my thought process.

    And thank you Carey!!


  3. that is a hilarious and totally weird story. You did a somersault! Ha! Stick it to her!
    ps: I have heard about you and the pushups. so far I can do 5 straitlegged — you are my inspiration (I don't mean competition!)! 🙂


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