Happy Sunday

Isabela has been keeping me up ALOT at night. She is so determined to master all of her tricks, that she does them in her sleep. (: I wake up to her screaming because she has rolled onto her tummy, and then she wakes up confused and wonders why she is on her tummy, haha.

She also rolls from side to side, in her sleep, which also wakes her up. Its tiring, but I can’t help but laugh to myself when I see her on her tummy, with her head bobbing around. Poor tiny.

Last night she sleep from 8:30 to 2!! Thank God, this was just what I needed. I know it probably won’t happen again, but I hope it does!!

Chris and I are repainting our living area. With winter so close, we decided to lighten up the walls. Last winter, we got so depressed….we loved the colors we chose, but they were a little to dark for us during the winter months.

Speaking of winter, the lows are already in the low 40’s …boooo!!! Highs are mid 60’s.
Fall is here and I feel like summer never came!

However, there are some MAJOR things I look forward too. Stacy visits in Oct. Jessica visits in Nov! My mother-in-law will also be visiting, we just aren’t sure when, yet. I’m excited for Isabela to wear her first Halloween costume! November is almost here, and everyone knows how much I love the Christmas season, so I’m excited for our first Christmas together! Oh…and Chris’s Air Force Annual Awards Ball/Banquet is coming. I’m excited to get dressed up, have some fun, and to stay at the hotel with the indoor water park!!! Yeah!

In other news , I have really been trying to do some of the things I like more. I have a little more time, but Isa’s acid reflux is still pretty bad, and she still needs alot of comforting. I have been trying to practice guitar more, but I really need a lot more time to practice day to day. I have been trying to read more. I am going to take a cake decorating class and hopefully learn to knit.
I’m really making that effort, bc I am scared that I may have a little postpartum depression. Please just pray that it passes soon. I just wish I knew someone that had gone through that, as well. Please don’t worry, though. I love Isa soooo much, and nothing will ever change that she is the most AMAZING gift from God! No matter how sad or lonely I may feel, her little smiles ALWAYS lift my spirits.

off to church.

4 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. The pictures of your princess truly speak of a joyful heart. Delighted to meet you sweet one.

    Hugs from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn


  2. I have an Instep stroller. I got it from Craig's List (actually, my brother-in-law got it for us–a $300 for $75 bucks!) We like it a lot, and I recommend it though I think there are a lot of good models out there. I'm still trying to jog, but did get a 5 mile walk in today but still am finding myself soo sore in my pelvic area that I'm limping around this evening. Any suggestions? Seems like you are having success at the gym. Good luck!


  3. The last thing Babicka wants is to miss out on little Isabela Eliana's development. That would certainly be a real heartbreak. It was once said to me that they grow up so fast and now I see how true that is. God has certainly blessed you with a real treasure more precious than gold, silver, copper or any treasures of this earth. Babicka always prays for her little sweetheart and for you, Chris and Angela, even Buster. My heart goes out to you all with love like a torrent of rushing waters. I know that Bonedry loves little Isabela too. How can anyone not? Bonedry and I can't wait to see you all on Thanksgiving Day.


  4. Alicia, I remember after Micah was born feeling overwhelmed and sad at times. We were living in California with no family or close friends nearby and while my mom did come and stay for 3-4 weeks after he was born, it went too quick! Soon after my mom left my brother and some of my cousins came and visited on their way to LA for a fun road trip they were taking. I remember while they were there one day, just crying and not really knowing what for. I think that it was probably the feeling of being overwhelmed as well as missing out on the things I could no longer do, like join them on their road trip and more. I was a new mom and I was experiencing all the highs and lows that come with it. Just as I'm sure you are. Hang in there, Alicia. The highs and lows of parenting will always be there, but this sadness you are experiencing will pass. It is okay to feel up and down all in the same day. You are doing the greatest thing you will ever do, which is love, raise and educate your daughter. Your life is changed forever. The responsibility is huge, but the rewards magnificent. I love you!


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