read this:

After I read this, I became SO angry. This is exactly why I have been a little nervous to fly.

I am SO amazed at the ignorance of people, at times. I just want to address a few issues that some people may not be aware of when nursing in public.

It is possible to nurse in public, discreetly. I do it all the time. I have NEVER had anyone approach me, as most people just think my daughter is napping. In fact, most people walk by, look over me, and smile. And guess what…I DO NOT use a cover.

When Isabela was an infant, I did use a cover when nursing in public. I found out that it drew more attention to myself, but I felt more comfortable covering up, as I was still getting the hang of learning to breastfeed. Infants are easy to cover while nursing. They aren’t interested in anything but eating.

As soon as babies get around 4 months or so, they become more interested in the world around them. If I tried to cover Isa with a blanket around that time, she would just simply throw the blanket off of her! (: If I used a nursing wrap, she would scream! She simply would not eat while under a blanket, and guess what? Most older babies won’t either.

I usually strategically pick out clothes when I know I am going out. I have 2 or 3 nursing tops, but not a lot because they are’t the cutest. Usually, when she is nursing, I just place a folded blanket, burp cloth, or my jacket right above her head. That totally covers any skin which might be showing. And, when Isa pulls off to smile at people passing by, I just pull the blanket down quickly to cover myself. It works great, and I’ve never been harassed. If I was, however, to pull that blanket over her head, she would start to scream and pull at the blanket. She HATES being covered now.

I think this is what other people don’t get. And, even so, a woman shouldn’t have to cover up while nursing anyway. Not only do I believe that, most most states have laws to protect a woman’s right to nurse in public. Breastfeeding mommies have the same right as other mommies to feed their babies!! And why shouldn’t we?

To those who say, “why don’t you just pump some milk and feed it to her in a bottle?”

OOOHHH, that really pisses me off when people ask me that? Yes, that may be an option, but if I pumped milk and bottlefed every single time I went out, I would not be able to breastfeed today.

Thats right…my milk supply would lessen and eventually diminish if I continued to skip feeding Isa at the breast. Nursing at the breast is what keeps a woman’s milk supply at high levels. Pumping does not stimulate milk supply the same way a baby does..not even close!

Soooo, when I read that article, I knew that I had to blog about it. I cannot believe that major corporations, such as Delta, are making these HUGE mistakes. So many others, like Chick Fil A and Applebees, and even other AIRLINES, have been sued for infringing on breastfeeding mother’s legal rights. And ALL of them have apologized, amongst other things. Oh my goodness..haha. Delta better be prepared for La Leche League and other pro bfing organizations to come at them now (:

3 thoughts on “NIP

  1. They need to do more than just apologize. They need to be punished where it really hurts–the pocketbook. Are we still in the dark ages? We must be if we're so ignorant about breast feeding.


  2. Wow…as a registered dietitian it makes my heart smile to see people like you so passionate about breastfeeding. I actually did my thesis for graduate school on breastfeeding and I can't wait to experience it one day with my own child. I admire you for taking such a stand in your beliefs. It really is sad that some people can't accept such a natural thing!


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