Last summer, Chris and I traveled to Portland for the first time! I was about 6 weeks pregnant during the visit! We have so much family there, and it was truly wonderful to relax and play with our family in such a beautiful city! We promised ourselves that we would come back to visit after we had the baby.

Soooo, this coming summer I have some trips planned (: I am not sure if Chris will be able to accompany me on all of the trips. First, Isabela and I definitely plan on visiting Portland, either in June or August. In July, Isabela and I will be visiting her Auntie Stacy in Rochester, NY. AND, in April, Chris, Isabela, and I will be going down to Homer, Louisiana to celebrate her first birthday with Lolo (grandpa) Dave! Lolo and Isa share the same birthday!!

So heads up Portlanders, we are coming to visit! I am super excited for all the visits, but especially Portland, because my beautiful cousin and her husband are expecting their first baby this January! I don’t get to see my Portland family very often at all, so it will be so much fun to see them and celebrate all the new babies in the family!

Here are some pictures of Isabela for your enjoyment, by request from Auntie Lisa (:

2 thoughts on “Portland!

  1. Woohoo! We're so excited to see you guys in the summer! The only sad part is that she is getting too big already and she's going to be even bigger by the time we see her! Thank goodness for all the pictures and videos you post!! 🙂


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