If its not one thing, its another

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.

So, I know I have blogged a tiny bit about how Isabela has had some allergy problems regarding wheat, nuts, and dairy. Well, early last week, Isabela broke out in a rash that started around her neck and is slowly spreading.

Her doctor thinks she might be allergic to something…we just don’t know what. Thankfully, the rash doesn’t itch – it just looks horrible. However, along with the rash, she has been congested and very fussy. And, that is on top of her teething fussiness.

SO, I’ve had my hands full, because the only thing that makes her feel better is snuggling with mommy!

Please pray that we figure out what she may be allergic to. Also, please pray that her allergy problems go away in time!!!

I’ve figured out that its not wheat…Dairy and nuts seem to be the culprits, but I won’t be for sure about that for several more weeks.

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