we’re still alive!!

just wanted to do write a short update.

isa is doing wonderfully. i promise, there is pictures on the way. she says da da da, constantly, pulls herself up on the furniture, and trys to feed herself at every meal.

she gives me little hugs all day, and i love it!!!

chris and i are glad that our very busy holiday season is over! we are ecstatic for the soon arrival of our nephew, triston stephens!! we are also anxious and waiting for the ‘LIST’ to come out that tell us what assignments are open.

hmmm, and we are also FREEZING! iowa winters are brutal!!

chris and i usually don’t do new years resolutions, but this year we kind of did. they are: to continue eating healthy, to exercise more consistently, to be the best parents we can be, and to be more kind, considerate and loving towards one another.

i’m curious if anyone else made any resolutions they would like to share?

One thought on “we’re still alive!!

  1. i'm going to share mine on a blog real soon! Love yours! keep it up! and email that cute pic of isa that's on the banner..i need it! or just send me a 4×6 through walmart. k thanks!


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