Spring is here!

So, I have some interesting news for everyone! I think I am gonna wait til this weekend to announce it, though. hahah. And, no, I am not pregnant again, though that it would be fabulous if we were. ( NO, we are not trying for another one yet!)

anyhow, the weather is finally warm, and its wonderful to not have to bundle up at all to go outside.
Isabela has been sleeping so much better, because we do so much playing outside throughout the day. The other night, she slept 10 hours! It’s pretty much been amazing.

Isabela absolutely loves playing outside. When we are inside, I leave the doors to the deck open, and she plays on the deck with Buster. We are all so happy to be outside and play in the warm sunshine! This picture pretty much sums it up about how thrilled I am that winter is over!

Buster was scared of that stick. And here is just one more of me and hubs.

and because it wouldn’t be a blog post without pictures of Isabela, here are some of her and Buster!

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