Video blog!

Well, I decided to do something different, and to do a video blog!

I already had written the blog, and then I decided to just read it in the video…I watched it, and of course, I thought it was super cheesy…but oh well. It’s about 5 minutes long, and the subject is about my struggle with perfection.

SO here you go, and below, I will post the written piece, in case you don’t want to listen to my beautiful voice.


The unattainable!

Society is pretty much obsessed with perfection. And, so is the ‘blogging world.’ Has anyone ever noticed that a lot of the ‘super bloggers’ live in the most perfect, beautiful worlds?

By super blogger, I mean those moms that have blogs centered around recipes, crafts, advice, decorating your home, and they must have super expensive cameras because all their photos look like they have been taken by a professional.

I’m not putting those bloggers down by any means! In fact, I like to go to their blogs, because lets face it, I’m in need of all the advice I can get when it comes to figuring out how to keep my house clean, play with my daughter, cook fabulous meals, and find ways to continue to be creative.

But, everytime I read these blogs, I feel a sense of, ” I’ll never be perfect enough.” The super bloggers seem to have everything under the control, their houses are gorgeous, they never overspend, are very frugal , yet seem to have the nicest, most beautiful homes, they always have dinner on time ( and cook the most creative recipes), they find ways to play with their kids while cleaning and teaching them a lesson…..I mean, I could go on and on.

Ultimately, my point is that there is this beautiful, perfect world out there, and I wanna find it and bring it to my home, too!

Of course, that is probably not going to happen.

I like to compare it to dating. When you first date someone, you only show him what you want him to see. The good parts. The parts that say, ” look how fun, how nice, how beautiful and perfect I am?”


I know if I was able to meet any of these ‘super blogger mamas,’ I would see that their homes get messy sometimes. I would see that they sometimes let their kids watch cartoons. I would see that they get behind in laundry, just like the rest of us…..and that sometimes they let the laundry sit too long in the washing machine, and have to rewash it!

I had already made a commitment to myself to be more vulnerable and honest with others. To be open about my love for the Lord. To be forthcoming with my faults and to be open, especially when I feel most uncomfortable. This is important to me. First, because the only way to inspire others is to let yourself be vulnerable. One of the best, most uncomfortable ways, for me to show my love for God is to be completely open about my past and to wear my faith on my sleeve.

I think I have done okay at this, but I could still do better.

So, my point is this. My blog isn’t going to be a glimpse into my perfect world. I don’t live in a perfect world. I do, however, live in a happy one. But, I struggle, just like a lot of woman, in being a good mother, a loving wife, and a woman of God. I struggle with my identity and with figuring out how to run my house, stay on budget, and to not be lazy!

But, all that is ok. It makes me who I am. My struggles give me character.
Our struggles give us character. They prepare us for the road ahead.

And, thats the thing to remember. I shouldn’t let my glimpse into other people’s worlds make me feel like I’ve failed. I know that sounds harsh, but essentially, that’s what I feel, sometimes. And now matter how silly that sounds, I’m keeping true to myself by being honest.

In my heart, I know how blessed I am. SO blessed, blessed Beyond words.

To myself:

Be honest. be vulnerable. Have a heart of love for ALL people. Be uncomfortable. Don’t focus on perfection. Focus on people. Love your husband. “Rejoice in the partner of your youth.” Play with your daughter. Love her unconditionally. Have a joyful heart. Have fun! Be silly!
Be thankful for freedom. Choose to love. Choose forgiveness. Choose to say no, sometimes. Remember, that no matter what, I am loved, and that every fiber of my being was wonderfully and purposely made.

The end.

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