Because someone I had a high opinion of and warmth in my heart for is not the person who I though he was.

Because that someone committed a terrible act of violence.

Because a mother to a toddler is now in critical condition due to that terrible act of violence.

Because a child has already lost her father to the court system and might lose her mother forever.

Because this child has NO OTHER family and will most likely go straight into the state foster care system.

Because her mother is fighting to stay alive, even though she will NEVER be the same again.

Because I sit here, absolutely helpless to do anything.

Except pray.

And hope.

Please pray with me. Last night, an old friend of ours shot his wife in the face. He was always a great guy…he never showed any signs of violence or instability. My memories of him include a fun loving guy who loved his wife very much, and a man that was not out of control…rather very much in control of his career, personal life and emotions.
Also, please pray with me for Stacy, as she used to live with this family. If my heart is broken, then her heart is shattered.
Lastly, please pray for Sarah, the woman who was shot. Please pray that God will give her the strength to fight, the strength to live, so her daughter can have a mommy. Please pray that she will survive this and still be able to care for her daughter. And still…please pray for her husband Josh. As much as I am angry and confused, I still remember the person who I once thought he was…

there HAS to be a tiny part of that person still inside his soul, right?

One thought on “Heartbroken

  1. Sister, This whole situation is so sad. I just wanted to let you know that my lifegroup prayed for this family last night, and talked a lot about PTSD and its affects. I know this is a struggle in the military right now, but I feel encouraged in seeing many of my peers in the school of social work with the heart to work with veterans who are experiencing this. I hope things will get better in the future. I believe there are people working towards that. In the mean time, I'm praying for your friends, you and Chris, and Stacy. Keep me updated. Love you, Aurelia


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