People keep asking if we are ready for another baby. Of course, they ask it while smirking, as if we’ve learned our lesson for already having one.

Well the answer is…yes!
And no, I’m not pregnant. The problem is that I really want to be, and I want another little tiny sooo bad right now! I have to keep reminding myself why it would be TOTALLY unwise to NOT try to have another tiny right now.
The fact that we are moving in 9 months! Who really wants to move while in the last trimester, having to deal with all the stress, plus having to find a new midwife?
the fact that I STILL have weight I need to lose. In all honesty, I will say I didn’t try at all to lose weight after Isa was born. THe first 25 lbs came off instantly….the rest, well, I am still holding on to them! actually, lets subtract the 8 lbs I’ve lost since this summer, which leaves me with a whopping 17 lbs!
Yeah, so starting off a pregnancy overweight is not optimal, for mommy or baby. And, now that I am actually trying to lose weight, I have decided that I want to lose another 20 on top of that 17. Can I do it? Please be praying for me, cuz now that I’m 30, my metabolism sux, and this weight loss stuff is pretty hard!
The fact that Isabela is not potty trained, nor does she sleep through the night.
I guess the diaper thing is not that big of a deal, since I have LOADS Of cloth diapers, but the sleeping through the night deal is.
So, these are my reasons, and they are pretty good ones! With these reasons in the back of my mind, you can believe that we will not be getting pregnant!
but just maybe….by next December…..the time will be right. hmmmm

One thought on “Baby?

  1. I hear ya sister. This one was a surprise and I didn't think we were ready– we had just moved, I didn't have insurance in Canada yet, and still had those pregnancy pounds on. But whether or not you think the timing is right, God's got things taken care of. Somehow, at 38 weeks, we're covered– midwife in place, insurance and I'm only 5 lbs heavier than when I delivered Josie so it seems my body knew what to pack on and what to loose even though a pregnancy! That is encouraging! Praying for a pregnancy post soon!


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