Shout out to…..

My sister and her sister in law are co creaters of a new blog

Go here:

As a loyal and loving sister, I must recommend this blog. Why?

Well, first of all, my sister, Aurelia is super cool. Not only is she cool, she’s also in style. And, I mean in style. In style, like celebrity in style. Think Jessica Alba. Kourtney Kardashian. Or Kim. Yes, in style. The kind of style that I can’t be anymore, ( can’t afford it) and can’t allow ( she has no beautiful babies that change your style) She is the ultimate cake bakerand cupcake creator.
She’s funny, and beautiful, and I lovie my dear little sister. (:

Her sister in law, Fran, is also super cool. One of her posts in this blog is my favorite, because Fran, like me, is a nursing mama! Yep, she gives her sweet baby the very best milk of all! Nursing moms have a special place in my heart, because to be successful at it requires patience, time, commitment, and passion.
But not only that, Fran is the MOST amazing singer and musician. Vegan nutritionist extraordinaire! And, although I don’t know Fran very well at all, she has so kindly helped me in the midst of my Isabela’s allergy issues, and she most likely doesn’t know how that really just sorta saved my life.
And not to be forgotten, Fran is also in style. Yep. And since nursing mom clothes are SO NOT in style, I can’t wait to see the creations Fran comes across in that department.

So, pair two lovely, creative, in style ladies together and you get a blog that not only is fun and pretty, but one that makes you want to see the pretty in your everyday life – or their everyday life.

( cuz as I look around, all I see is the after effects of tornado Isabela. No pretty here. No in style stuff at my place!)

So, click on that link up there. You know you want to!

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