Let it Rain!

It rained last night!

I am so thankful for the beautiful, nourishing, RAIN! We needed it SO bad!

So, Isabela has been waking up ALOT at night. This is her way of missing her dad, I think. Last night, she crawled into the bed with me, and just passed out right away! I think she definitely feels a void, wakes up feeling sad, and just wants to be next to mommy.

Since its been a while since we have coslept, I don’t exactly enjoy it anymore. Little tot just takes up the whole bed, and she kicks hard! I don’t sleep as well, but at the same time, I know she needs this reassurance during the night, so its ok.

So, last night was another one of those nights, except this time, she actually asked for some water, and as she was drinking it on the couch, she fell asleep. I carried her back to her room, and then it started raining. After the first thunder, I hear her jump out of bed, run to my room, saying, “mommy, whats that? whats that, mommy?”

It was so darn cute! I told her about rain, thunder and lightening, and around 0300 she finally fell back asleep.

And then, I couldn’t sleep! I started to miss Chris and just thought about how this separation is SO much harder on him. It has to be. Poor hubs!

I had my alarm set at 0600, but I turned it off and let myself sleep in til 0730, which is what time Isabela gets up.

And, I’m SO tired!

Here is to coffee, an early bedtime tonight, and sweet cuddles from my cutey dreamgirl, Isabela. All of which I need….all of which will make this time away from hubs much easier!

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