The weekend after Chris left, I got a sweet package in the mail from my dear sister, Aurelia at YouFrillMe.com

One of the gifts was a devotional. The lady who wrote it spent time just listening for God, and writing down the Words He gave to her. The devotional is called, “Jesus Calling, Enjoying Peace in His Presence,” by Sarah Young.

In Iowa, at LifePointe church, our worship team would have a “free worship” night once a month. That means that we would spend time, without music sheets and with musical instruments, listening for God, practicing His presence, and singing from the Spirit.

It was amazing….That was also the first time I have heard of “practicing His presence.” I wish I could explain how much this affected and transformed my relationship with Christ. I am so thankful for the leadership and mentoring from Pastor Robby Elgin!

Anyhow, it had been a while since I truly sat, in the quiet, and listening to God. So, I started reincorporating that into my Bible times, and wrote down what I heard. The following is a Word from God that I heard shortly before Chris deployed.

” I will bring GOOD.

Only I, can bring water from barren land, JOY from sorrow.

Only I, can bring LIFE from death, JOY in your mourning.

So, take off your sack clothes, throw away your veils!
In the same way, remove the coverings of insecurity and loneliness that the world clothes you with.

Open your eyes! Awaken! It is true that I AM here and ALIVE, covering you with JOY!

I will strengthen you, never leaving you, holding you close. In the night, I will minister to your soul.

Because I love you, even before you were created. I knew you, in the dark of the womb, and I laughed with JOY at My marvelous creation.

Because I know you. Inside. All of you. I know how you are and why you think. I know your secrets.

I know you, and although you cannot fully know Me, I desire you in a way that is indescribable.

So, nothing that happens is a surprise. For I see any and all things. I know you, the workings of your mind, and I RESIDE in you, waiting patiently for you to OPEN your eyes.

My child, I am filled with LOVE for you. Don’t live in your loneliness and despair! See ME! I am here, “Surely, I will NEVER leave you.”

I am in the air you breathe, even in the tears you cry. I will consume you and you will never be cold or alone, rather you will be filled with the FIRE of the Holy Spirit. Come to Me, walk with Me. Sing to Me, Look to the heavens! I am everywhere, in every thing. I am with you, in you, beside you.

I will equip you for this journey. Cling to Me, cling to the Word. I will transform your soul, renewing you and giving you LIFE.”

One thought on “Word.

  1. This is so awesome and beautiful. I often get a word from the Lord while I'm at work whether it's going outside for a breath of air, getting on the elevator or even on my way to the restroom and back to the office. I love how he equips us everyday.


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