During my quiet time today…

Love is the greatest gift we can give one another.

 It can consume a raging fire and melt a heart of stone.
It can survive in the most desperate of circumstances.

Love is a constant.
Always adapting, yet never changing.

 Love is not just a desire, but a basic NEED.

Where Love is, God is. 
And where God is, there is Love.

Beautiful, sweet, indiscriminate Love. 
FREE, undeserved, and un-limited Love.
God’s Love is not just for you or for me.
 just for people who are like you and me. 
just for people who have money, smell good, and have success. 
just for worship leaders, pastors, missionaries, and ministry directors.

God’s Love
not confined, contained, or restrained.
 Reserved towards only the “attractive” people.
Reserved only for those who “help themselves.”

 God’s Love is an all-inclusive Love.
 An Overflow of life and Grace
 His Love is TIRELESS.

He Loves the very least of us. 
He extends His Grace to the most depraved parts of our beings.  

He has chosen us as His BELOVED.
That we might go,walk, live, in His Love.

Oh Father,
Creator of Love,
That I might be your hands and feet.
That I might speak your words and not my own.
That I might know Your heart and forget mine. 
That I might be a testimony of your never failing, life-giving Love.
 That I might be a living sacrifice, a vessel to be used.
Full of humility,
 Alway moldable,
Always teachable .
Always your servant.

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