The Desert Season

I walked in that desert place.

I made my bed in the wilderness.

I reclined on a parched heart and soul.

I distracted myself with mirages of false hope.


I became acquainted with blackened dead lands.

I dug in the ground for hidden waters.

I came up weary, with empty hands.

I remembered the comforts of my home.


I was thirsting for the wellspring of life

I was craving the taste of well-seasoned truth.

And searching for refuge from the sun and from the cold.

Instead I found the darkest nights, without a fire and all alone.


And then I saw the green on the horizon.

A forest of trees planted by living waters

I inhaled the fragrance of winter turned to spring.

And tasted the flavor of hope on the 4 winds coming.


And suddenly, I understood grace

In ways, I’d never had known

If I never had walked through the desert

If I never had that wilderness home.



There is a feast in the famine

Jesus prepared for me.

There is a river in the drylands

only the “come like a child” can see.

There is safety in the night

From the covering of Sovereign peace.

And God, Himself, handed it all over to me!


There is drink to end all thirst,

Honeyed wine reserved for me.

It’s the essence of the Spirit that has

Made Her home in me.

There is rest under the green,

The perfect shade of all dreams…

Sent to refresh and to breathe

Winds of mercy over me.


What an untamed flood,

Carrying away the desert sands.

What glorious waters, breaking away these man made damns!

What a voice of love speaking dry bones into life!

The 4 winds released their breath – prophesied me into flesh!


I have a Watchman, keeping and guarding me.

Shining within, enlightening me.

Gracious  and kind,

Merciful and favored…

Peace is the result,

I’m forever grateful.


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