I can see the sands of time

Spilling freely through my hands.

To many moments to memorize

To little time to take it all in.


Too fast, too slow

Where did all the sand go?


But now I see…

This sand is a vapor,

A mist floating through grasping hands,

A fading flower, a withering grass.


Tomorrow’s too soon.

Tomorrow’s too far.

The number of my days

So short, yet so long.


But God keeps me

Preserves me like jelly.

I’m the joy in the sweet,

I’m anxiety-free.


I don’t have to worry about this sand…

This vapor,

These days.

I don’t have to fret about

The number,

The wasting of my flesh.


I’m preoccupied,

With  Glory before me,

Wonder within me,

This Deity I’m breathing .


I’m love-derived

Created in mystery.


So time, spill freely through these hands.

And I’ll waste myself for Heaven’s plans.

And when my world begins to fade

Oh the time, I’ll get to gain!

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