Food Aversions and Cravings

Soooo, food cravings! I haven’t had too many of these. The first 9 weeks, it was mostly food aversions. There were very few things I could eat, and they usually weren’t the healthiest foods! Seriously, I tried so hard to keep eating healthy….I have been eating so extremely healthy for well over a year, and I didn’t realize how hard it would be.

For instance, just looking at vegetables made my stomach turn. Fruit made me gag…seriously. The only foods that sounded good for a long time were chicken, mashed potatoes, cereal, milk, waffles (the mini frozen ones), and popsicles! I am being totally serious when I say that is all I could manage to eat! About every other day, I would force broccoli and any fruit high in fiber down my throat, and I promise you guys….I felt like I was eating dog poo! Thats how disgusting it was, and usually I would dry heave or vomit after these force feeding episodes!

I guess I just felt so guilty for not eating enough vegetables or eating as healthy as I should, but I realized force feeding myself healthy foods was not going to be effective if they just kept coming back up. Oh!!! And going to the supermarket!!! All the smells and sights would have me gagging and feeling like I could throw up any second! I would still go to the supermarket, and I would come back with the weirdest most random things! I definitely say, it is not a great idea for a pregnant woman to go grocery shopping alone!

hahah…So, I definitely wouldn’t say that I had morning sickness. As long as I stayed away from the supermarket and force feeding, I felt fine. The only other times I felt queasy would be if someone mentioned food. This was so weird for me! I am totally a nonpicker eater!

This week, the 10th week, has been great, because a lot of my food aversions are leaving me! I went to the supermarket yesterday, walked past the salad bar, and felt totally fine! I even bought some broccoli without throwing it back on the shelf in total disgust! And, this morning I craved peaches, and I was so thankful we actually had some! So, I am hoping it keeps getting better and better. I have such a desire to eat as healthy as I can, but my body has been fighting this desire!

So NOW, weird food cravings! This week, I have had two really strange food cravings. Chris and I were in the mall, walked past Chick-Fillet, and I got this super strong urge to buy some chicken strips, dip them into ice cream, and eat it. Thank God I didn’t do that one! Last night, I was eating a lemonade flavored popsicle and I saw a root beer can on the counter. All of a sudden, I decided I HAD to melt my popsicle into the root beer and drink it, which I did. It was delicious!

Yeah, so I know both of those sound pretty disgusting. What can I say? I wonder what other weird cravings are in store for me!

4 thoughts on “Food Aversions and Cravings

  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier, and I accidentally deleted the whole thing. so i was mad and gave up. anyway, i was basically just saying that your cravings may be weird, but they make for funny stories! love you!


  2. so you have talked to your doctor about what you should eat or avoid eating? veggies are definitely good, but maybe they're not enough to provide you with all the nutrition you need. I think if you indulge yourself once in a while, it won't be so bad. hehe… I'm definitely glad you are staying healthy though 🙂


  3. Nhan, thanks for reading! Yes, my doctor gave me a huge binder full of guidelines, and I did a lot of my own research. Right now I am taking prenatal vitamins to help with the extra nutrition I need. The doctor said not to worry about not being able to eat alot, because there are so many ladies out there who throw up from morning sickness all day long. She said just to make up for it in the 2nd trimester…which is 2 weeks away!


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