Saturday Ramblings

We finally caved in to our innermost desires and bought a new washer and dryer. Haha! Of course, that’s not really what is was. Our dryer really was on it’s last leg, and we decided, that with a baby on the way, it would be the smart thing to do. Yes! No more drying clothes for 2 or 3 cycles before they are dry!

Its been so long since we’ve shopped for washers/dryers, and I can’t believe how expensive they can get! So …while we were shopping, we decided we might as well throw in a new oven range as well! I can’t believe what a difference this range has made in our lives so far! The oven we had, was the same oven that the previous owner of our house had for the past 10 years! The temperature was so off inside the oven, we had to purchase a thermometer to put inside of it. It didn’t bake evenly at all (so annoying!), nor did the burners cook evenly. Soooo, it just feels nice be able to cook without worrying about how everything will turn out.

Oh yeah….I guess are ages our really apparent when we are this excited about our new appliances (: But you know what, I don’t care! Chris and I both still feel so young, and we hope to hang on to our young spirits!

Chris and I really have been missing our families lately! We are so used to living far away, we have been in the military, both of us, since 1998. But something about having a baby on the way really makes you want to be around your family! I think Texas was great for us, because both of our parents were at least 7-9 hours away….close enough for weekend trips. We also had family in San Antonio, and we just really miss being able to hang out with my sister, Uncle Mike and Aunt Penny and the cousins on holidays, weekends, whatever! Its so nice to be able to celebrate and enjoy your family without having to worry about driving for 14 hours and all the logistics that come with that, plus having to take time off of work, and not to mention…gas prices!

For me, I am really wishing I could hang out with my sisters, mom and grandma Angie. Being pregnant, I am really craving the female companionship and friendship that they give to me, I think, and I am also really enjoying this new type of bond being pregnant is creating with me and mom! Its fun comparing what we both went through during the 1st trimester and thinking about what a great Nana or Baba (Czech for grandma), my mom is gonna be!

Our little girl ( or as Chris says, our baby boy) is going to be lucky to have so many wonderful and loving (and FUN) grandparents, aunts and uncles! Words really can’t explain how excited we are for our lives to change…..

well, on Monday I will be 11 weeks! And one week away from hearing our baby’s heartbeat, yay!!! We are going to try and video tape that for everyone! Also, I was going to wait til 12 weeks to post another picture, but my tummy seems to have gotten significantly bigger, starting yesterday. So be on the lookout today or tomorrow for another belly picture!

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