I need to practice guitar more! Lately, because of my fatigue, my life consists mostly of sleep!
But…its getting better…and look at all of our laundry behind us! We are having fun washing the huge backload of laundry we had due to our broken dryer!

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  1. Dear Alicia, You look so beautiful! Don't worry about the “sickness” it should stop soon and then just enjoy everyday of your pregnancy. I simply cannot get over the miracle that life can be created inside of our bodies. I still remember the bonding moments I had when pregnant…especially when the baby started to move around…and kicking. You and Chris are going to make fantastic parents. My love to both of you.
    Aunty Lisa
    p.s. Here in Portland we are trying to figure out who “Nony” is. We are pretty sure it is someone in the family. I thought it was Aurelia but then Shafina thought it was your Dad…until Nony's last comment. Took your dad and Aurelia out of the running.


  2. Why do you think its someone in the family? Well, I definitely know its not Aurelia and Dad…hmmmm….I have no idea. Its not me! haha

    Thank you….the miracle of life is just indescribable….I think this is the best part of being female so far!


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