1st ultrasound! Click on picture to make bigger!

oK…..So, we are definitely not having twins! I will admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that….but we are definitely having one beautiful little baby! I am a little farther along then what the midwife predicted the first time…..just by about a week. SO, I am exactly where I predicted I was before my first appointment, at 13 weeks and 4 days!!!
Enjoy our 1st baby picture! I am telling you, I ran to a computer all day at work and stared at this picture all day. I could not stop thinking about the squirmy, tiny, little baby who did not want to stay still for the ultrasound! We are just so in love already and really feeling how REAL all of this is!

2 thoughts on “1st ultrasound! Click on picture to make bigger!

  1. yaye for the baby.. and in response to your comment on my blog.. “GIRL, didn't you read my post?” I surely did talk about eating pho and then you are all, “Have you eaten pho?” Oh, that Homer High Comprehension with Keith Beard! Good times! 😀


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