Today, I woke up early due to my inability to breathe. I am still sick, but getting better slowly.

I checked the election results….haha. NO, I am not the type of person who would spend the entire evening watching the election updates. Not that its a bad thing, its just that I have never been that way. I would rather skip the suspense and find out the next day.

So, I will say that I don’t think anyone should be surprised or upset about the outcome of this election. Its completely amazing that we are alive to see this nation’s first black president! I hope people really understand how momentous this is!

Also, I believe that most Americans were very unhappy under the Republican administration and even if Hillary Clinton was running…I seriously believe that most American’s wanted to see a Democrat running the country for the next 4 years. I think its obvious, that no matter which Republican team ran, they didn’t stand much of a chance.

So, onto my point.

On myspace and facebook, I have seen Republican friends post angry blogs or statuses. Now, I will divulge this about myself. I am a registered Independent voter, and I have never disclosed who I have voted for to anyone….now or in the past. (except the hubby) For me, its a private decision, and thats how I work. My mom and dad were like that so I guess they passed it on, but I find it amazing that I have that right to keep it private! I love being American!

Anyhow…SO I noticed the angry blogs and it really made me think for a little bit. And as I was thinking, I got up to take my eggo waffles out of the toaster (: and looked out of our french doors….I saw the most beautiful sunset! It seriously took my breath away! I think the last sunset I saw that was this beautiful was in Saudi Arabia, a country known for their sunsets.

Immediately…I thought of God. I wondered at the beauty of this sunset and it’s purpose. I felt like God was showing me something. I felt like God wants me to know, and to remind other Christians that our hope should not remain in one person, but only in GOD. No matter what the circumstances, we need to remember that our prayers are always answered, though not always in the way we like. So, for those praying for McCain to win this election…..well, maybe God had a different direction. Maybe God (who I believe isn’t into politics anyway!) answered your prayers a little differently. Being angry isn’t going to help anything…..it is only going to sit inside of you, this seed of anger, and continue to grow. Being angry is not the answer!

I also feel that this country, America, is the best country in the world! Thats why I served for 8 years, putting my life on the line, sacrificing soooo much along the way. I still bear those sacrifices in ways, due to the disabilites incurred through service. But I would do it all over again. I would have proudly died for America, given the chance, and if I had to reenlist again, I would do so proudly.

That being said, I believe that no matter the president, American’s should support him! We proud Americans need to give our leaders a chance! Whining and complaining will not do anything….the decision has been made. Obama is our new pres. and we need to support him 100 percent!

ok…I’m done and need to eat my waffles now.

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4 thoughts on “waffles

  1. Yes indeed. Your Grandpa, Camilo Suero taught me that I should always have the wisdom to try and keep out of trouble: i.e., touting the “Republicans” versus the “Democrats”. Like you, I am also an independent voter who voted my conscionce. I believe that even if your candidate does not win – you have truly exercised your freedom, which comes from our creator, to vote your true convictions; thus, exercising our divine natures, having been created in the image of God and according to his likeness.

    When I read how you would do it all over again (enlisting), I believe you would too. One thing I want you to always ponder in your heart: A man's heart plans his own way but the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs)


  2. yeah!! preach it preacha! i agree with everything you just said. to me, it was a win-win situation, and I'm so excited to be able to experience this historical achievement! I'm not going to live in fear – that's silly! I know that God's plan is bigger than any other, and I agree with you in that he is not really interested in politics.


  3. i want waffles now.

    onto the more serious subject,woot woot to sunrises. God's plan overrides all.


  4. our dad said when he lived in the philipines that his folks said never tell anyone who you voted for, that it could be actually dangerous to do so.


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